Awesome Aussie girl Carla

Awesome Aussie girl Carla. Hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. Lovely. Her wild I-just-got-out-of-bed hair flops into her eyes but it can’t hide her killer smile! Carla is right up there in AW’s “winner’s circle”. what a fantastic body she has. I love her ass, her sexy hips and her nice flat stomach. A truly splendid video, it is a joy to see and hear Carla talk about her sexual preferences, sex in the Uni library and what she like in the bedroom. She then undresses and in Sue-Ann’s words treats us to some “blistering sexuality” as she sits on her chair and plays. Carla wrote in the AW forum, “If i do say so myself this was a beautiful and very fun to shoot. Its was a very warm day and being outside naked was an experience.” This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Carly and Silvie nude on the beach

Carly and Silvie nude on the beach. This is a lovely fun shoot, the girls looked to be a having a great time frolicking and splashing with Carly putting some wrestling moves into practice. I thought this was a very sexy shoot in a beautiful setting! I love the group shoots, but there is also something intimate about this one with just the two of them together. This shoot has 148 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Alicia fingering her pussy

Alicia is a sweet 19 year old slim Australian girl. She soon came out of her shell for her first ever Abby Winters solo shoot. Her long, blonde locks compliment her tanned smooth skin deliciously. She rolls around her lounge room floor in a tasty variety of eye pleasing poses. She has also played nude in videos with Jaclyn and Alice G. This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →