FTV Girl Myra second time around posing naked

FTV Girl Myra second time around. She didn’t appear once but twice on FTV Girls. A lovely set of a beautiful 18 year old girl from the USA. More explicit too than the first one – something I always enjoy! Myra writes; “Some things I did not like about the shoot was walking around in those heels! lol. It’s cute for a while but it gets old. I was not really thinking I was gonna try any anal, but i ended up trying it anyways. Its really not that bad! Just personally, not my cup of tea. I loved to see how pretty I looked on camera, though. I didn’t know that I could look so elegant, especially in a shoot like this! But I really did love the way most of the photos turned out. Definitely a much needed confidence booster. I was really scared we were gonna get caught when we were in public, and I know I look super young so it definitely would NOT have looked good on our part, lol…”Check out her video clip here.
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FTV girls Myra posing nude outdoors

FTV girls Myra posing nude outdoors. Besides her Abby Winters shoots, Myra has also done some kinky stuff with FTV Girls. FTVGirls tell us: Just turned 18, this super cute cherry blonde has never shot any adult before, but has been very excited to turn 18 and try it as a special experience for herself. She loves to masturbate, especially on clitoral stimulation, and even though she’s been with only one guy, she is learning to enjoy sex as well. Check out her video clip here..… Continue reading →