Nude Australian girls Carly and Rebekah

Nude Australian girls Carly and Rebekah. I love the topless in jeans look. Both Carly T and Rebekah look sexy wearing only jeans. Carly looks as sexy as ever and newcomer Rebekah is stunning! Love their sultry simmering looks. They almost look a little bit like sisters, they are both such beautiful girls. How nice to see these two lovely girl-friends playing and stripping off together. Rebekah is really pretty and has beautiful big breasts. Check out the video guys – its awesomeThis shoot has 184 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

20 naked women fitball training

Gotta love fitness! Twenty Aussie girls get naked for gym training on the fit balls. What an awesome workout on the balls and with so many naked girls! These girls had an amazing workout. Can anyone identify the girls whose pussies were dribbling girl-cum? Holy crap that is a lot of naked girls. The part where they pass balls along lines using their legs is spectacular. I love this set. Absolutely fabulous ! That’s why I love the Abby Winters website. This shoot has 614 pictures and a 174 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Abby Winters Yoga Girls

Abby Winters Yoga Girls. Oh WOW- I’m almost lost for words……truly spectacular…. Sixteen young Aussie girls.. Abby Winters couldn’t have picked a better group of girls. They are all so lovely and gorgeous! Needless to say, one of my favorite shoots ever! I love the video’s. These video’s not only show models having a gay (Meaning happy) time before and after the shoot but a bit of a hint of what the Abby Crew do to get the shoot ready. The backstage videos are so much fun, I will need to watch them again! Life doesn’t get any better than this backstage video. This shoot has 303 pictures and a 36 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude Australian Hiking Girls

Nude Australian Hiking Girls. Wow! Four beautiful nude Australian girls in beautiful surroundings. All those cute butts to look at when they’re on the way up. Boots and short shorts, its hot! and getting naked on mountain walks is always a great way to make it more enjoyable. Abby Winters hiking girls have their own solo shoots and some appear in explicit lesbian  hardcore. This shoot has 327 pictures and a 18 minute video for you to download.… Continue reading →

Twelve Australian girls skinny dipping

Twelve Australian girls skinny dipping (bathing nude). My kind of pool party. Is this for a Guinness book of records attempt or something? Nude pool cramming. There’s some gorgeous Aussie girls in this set! I watched the Abby Winters Pool Girls. What else can I say but, WOW! It is a great video. I loved to watch the girls on top of each others shoulders and wrestling against each other. This shoot has 503 pictures and a 20 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Carly and Silvie nude on the beach

Carly and Silvie nude on the beach. This is a lovely fun shoot, the girls looked to be a having a great time frolicking and splashing with Carly putting some wrestling moves into practice. I thought this was a very sexy shoot in a beautiful setting! I love the group shoots, but there is also something intimate about this one with just the two of them together. This shoot has 148 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Party in a limo

The “Limo Girls” is awesome. I was not shocked to see Rosanna be the first to show us some luv and her tits. Ollie also was pretty to see. She has such a nice beaming smile and pretty eyes. These Australian girls did a great job of steaming up the the windows of the limo. All five are so amazingly beautiful with incredible bodies, and they love playing with each other. The kissing was passionate, even when they switched partners around. These videos surely ain’t for vegetarians. Steaming hot fleshy bodies writhing in the back of that limo. The behind the scenes video is simply amazing. This shoot has 265 pictures and a 40 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Window Washing Girls

Window Washing Girls – Wow!!! I like the Abby Winters window cleaning service a lot. Where do I sign up to get my windows cleaned? A great fun video, a delight to watch from start to finish. Lots of splashing, squeals and giggling. It’s a day of domestic bliss for these five Aussie babes in a window washing-bubble fight that soon turns kinky! With giant floor to ceiling windows and an urge to get that sucker clean, Christen, Harper, Courtney, Leisl, and Joannie get to work on the grime before getting to work on each other’s clothes! This shoot has 242 pictures and a 41 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Abby Winters Waterfall Girls

Abby Winters waterfall girls. Six naked Australian girls fooling around in the waterfall. How come when ever I go to a waterfall that never happens to me? Obviously, I don’t go to the right waterfalls. I’m sure they had a lot of fun, but it looks like the water was cold. Ah yes, the videos lived up to all expectations! Check out the backstage pictures and videos. This is one of the very best shoots! This shoot has 205 pictures and a 12 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Holly and Charlee Dressing Room

Holly and Charlee dressing room shows models getting dressed with a voyeuristic feel. What’s this Dressing Room thing all about? AW photographers try to hold the camera really still. Take a fast sequence of images of the models getting dressed. It’s as if the camera was not there. Very erotic. It can be fascinating to see a tight pair of jeans slide up a shapely butt. See how models tuck their breasts into their bra in different ways. Adjusting their panties and skirts before they face the world! Over 90% of the models over the past 10 years have a dressing room image set. Check out the before and after sex interview.… Continue reading →

Seven naked Australian girls

The United Colors of Abbytown. I can’t believe it, but the psychedelic hippie flower power years are back again. The place to be the fly on the wall. A colorful event! The Screen Printing Girls with seven naked Australian girls. Bright colors and squeegees. Love the girl in the middle with the curly hair and the blue hand print on her breast! Siobh commented, “The water was freezing. It made my nipples definitely stand on end!” Can it get any better than this? This shoot has 347 pictures and a 18 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Nude Australian Twins

Nude Australian twins Rochelle and Shae fool around in their apartment before getting naked. This is another Abby Winters classic shoot. 18 year old sisters get naked and fool around in other shoots and appear in short videos. Check out the backstage pictures of them naked outdoors during the photo shoot. This shoot has 196 pictures and a 16 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →