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Ashley and Laney get into lots of sexy positions, including tribbing, fingering, and Ashley sitting on Laney’s face being licked to a very cute orgasm. Laney (white headband) and Ashley are such a pretty match. This shoot has 375 pictures and a 71 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

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Redhead Zane’s second shoot is just as hot as her first! With her long legs and perfect breasts, she looks like she’d be at home on any fashion runway. The way she sports fishnet stockings, a see-through leotard, and sunglasses shows that she knows exactly what she’s doing. super-sexy! You just want to touch her glorious hair and those adorable eyes sexily gazing into the camera lens, just as hot as all her lovely rude bits. Zane is like a princess in a Disney movie but strictly for adults! This shoot has 581 pictures and a video for you to download Continue reading →

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A beautiful pair of redheads, and Alex with a hairy bush. Two Australian girls, Alex and Carissa in an intimate girl on girl.  Alex T. in this shoot said it was her first time with a girl which definitely adds a lot to my interest. Alex and Carissa are extremely attractive, of course. Thanks for the great shoot and videos.  This shoot has 237 pictures and a 35 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Bronte is a shy girl, but a very sexy one. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. This Australian amateur is an absolute cutie. I love her beautiful breasts. She has the most alluring natural bush that I have seen in a long time. Such pretty eyes and very nice breasts. Gorgeous girl,and an enjoyable video. This shoot has 166 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Aussie amateur Felicity. Yay for sexy Felicity! I hope my eyes do not deceive me and that is a tuft of red hair I see down there! What is it about redheads that makes them so delicious? What a cutie! 18 year old Felicity is a real doll. Her video features erotic scenes as “Flic” slowly unbuttons her dress, fingers tracing over her pale blue lacy bra. A little later, the scenes where she frees her breasts, fondling them teasingly prior to removing her bra. Completing her undressing, she then bends over looking back over her shoulder at the camera. Overlaying all of this is her deliciously erotic manner of looking to camera. This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Nude Australian Hiking Girls. Wow! Four beautiful nude Australian girls in beautiful surroundings. All those cute butts to look at when they’re on the way up. Boots and short shorts, its hot! and getting naked on mountain walks is always a great way to make it more enjoyable. Abby Winters hiking girls have their own solo shoots and some appear in explicit lesbian  hardcore. This shoot has 327 pictures and a 18 minute video for you to download.… Continue reading →

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Holy smokes! Zane is stunning and a fan favorite among both men and women. My crush on Zane is getting woooorse, you guys. Have you seen her incredibly sexy new pics? Her gaze is seriously enough to melt any heart. Zane has one of the most stunningly beautiful bodies in Abbyland. Her gorgeous butt with her edible pussy. Her eyes, face and hair are equally alluring. Zane, is so beautiful it’s unreal! This shoot has 214 pictures and a 36 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Newbie Anabelle posing naked. She is absolutely adorable. Her pleasant and playful personality is topped off by her wonderfully charming smile. A unique and truly beautiful model. Long legs and a super cute butt to boot! Newbie Anabelle looked at ease posing nude and playing with her pussy. I hope there are more shoots to come! This shoot has 218 pictures and a 33 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Naked redhead Zane is a real beauty with a perfect body. She has perfected straight at the camera look with just the hint of a smile. Zane has a “gobsmackingly” beautiful-face, hair, butt, pussy – well everything! She is so sexy! There were so many great positions in the pictures. Her video is intimate and awesome. This shoot has 320 pictures and a 34 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Five naked Australian girls outdoors. These kind of group shoots have always been my favorite shoots on the Abby Winters web site. The location and the models in this one were just exceptional. Bravo! Groups of happy naked Australian girls simply enjoying themselves in the nude. Abby Winters Picnic Girls is fabulous! Check out their solo shoots – all the girls details are here. This shoot has 158 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Holly Molly!!! We have a winner. What a beautiful and stunning woman. Debut for lovely, cute, funny Elisa! Amateur redheads posing nude are always welcome. Her boobs are simply perfect. It took my breath away when she let them swing. She has an amazingly pretty pink pussy. Covered with lovely pubic hair. Elisa leaves no doubt that she is English. She confesses that her post-masturbation routine includes tea and biscuits. She masturbates to an intense orgasm on her video. It’s great to meet Elisa knowing that she’s already had lesbian sex with lovely Hania and Flora and masturbated with darling Anahi. This shoot has 244 pictures and a 42 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Debbie exposes her hairy pussy. She is gorgeous! A real girl next door type model. Pale skin and freckles… lovely and I can see paradise… mm.. Yet another classic wet-looking pussy from Abby Winters and team. I haven’t found another website with more girl-cum pics than this one. You can really tell Debbie got turned on. This shoot is great. Actually all outdoors shoots are great. Debbie has a great body, and a very pretty face. She has a nice presence – fun, but a little shy. Another fine looking, natural lady. This shoot has 55 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

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Jessie has such a beautiful slender body! Amazing blue eyes. Her cute little smile, seductive personality and tall slender body really set her apart from other girls. This is a very nice first solo shoot.She came over from England to Amsterdam for the shoot. She remarked in her handwritten notes (available online) that she loved how it slowly moved from fully clothed to nude. This shoot has 335 pictures and a 11 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Teagan’s first girl on girl

This is Teagan’s first lesbian hardcore shoot. She gets to be with Maddie. I have thought for a while now that Teagan is one of the hottest models on the Abby Winters website. These two together is just stunning. They are both so beautiful and looked great together. Lots of finger banging and pussy licking. When I saw this pairing, I knew it had to be good. This shoot has 228 pictures and a 62 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Portia returns exposing her body

Just look at those eyes. Awesome personality, a great smile, and a fantastic figure! I hope Portia does another video. She’s a heart breaker and she’s dangerous because she can mess with your mind! Portia is wonderful in her videos! Great to see that smile and that fantastic bod again! We get naked guitar playing, a bit of dancing, and a near-naked run in her blue panties. Plus a wonderful quote: “nature is nakedness”. I hope means we will see Portia naked, again and again! This shoot has 96 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

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Portia is a gorgeous 18 year old Australian girl with beautiful green eyes, nice smile, great hair and I mean up and down. She has a lot of expression with her face and body. Her first time posing nude. Damn, she’s gorgeous! Portia is sure different in a good way, very cute and everything that goes with it. I love the videos of Portia. She’s a nice girl, a bit crazy, but really nice. This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Sondrine and Clarisa

Awesome Abby Winters lesbian sex shoot with Sondrine and Clarisa. Pulling her lace panties aside, Sondrine uncovers her redheaded pubic hair while Clarisa passionately licks her vulva. Laying upside down, Clarisa opens her legs while Sondrine pushes her panties inside her with her fingers, impregnating them with Clarisa’s odor and then slowly pulls them out and takes them to her face, inhaling deeply, before continuing to finger Clarisa and give each other oral sex in an ardent 69. Sondrine and Clarisa rock! This shoot has 275 pictures and a 73 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

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Personally, I think Elizabeth is one of the cutest girls on Abby Winters. She’s one of the main reasons I joined in the first place. This 18 year old Australian girl is a stunner. Awesome personality. I was hoping that she might just have pleased us hair lovers by growing back her pubes. This shoot has 94 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

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Australian amateur Krystin’s red hair and looks. Nothing more to say. Krystin is magnificent and so cute. 18 year old Krystin is so beautiful! A delightful smile, soft perfect fair skin, and those eyes that are stunning! Wow. Beautiful nude Australian girl. Just watched the video and believe it is definitely the hottest one to hit the site in some time. Abby Winters Krystin is so sensual. Simply amazing. This shoot has 184 pictures and a 17 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

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Elizabeth naked tree climber. 19 year old Elizabeth is a really cute isn’t she? Wow, wow, wow what a lovely girl. This naked Australian amateur has a lovely engaging nature and what a beautiful toned and supple body. A natural beauty. From time-to-time I come back and re-watch Elizabeth’s videos – she is captivating. This shoot has 87 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

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This is Gema. To me she is really cute. She has a perfect body. Gema shows a certain dreamy quality but I think there’s fire and fashion there bursting to come out. Gema is very sweet Australian girl. She really is “my” type of girl. Love her smile, her lovely white skin, wow! Perfect breasts too, great poses showing nice undies and a teasing butt. The tattoo means “Tiger Stripes”. This shoot has 108 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →