Carmina and Claudia outdoor sex

Carmina and Claudia, thank you so much for doing this amazing shoot. It is totally sexy, a very naughty with some passion thrown in! This shoot was “absolutely bloody awesome incredible hot!” Unfortunately I could only post a few of the pictures on this website. They only show a small part of what these two got up too! Love the peeing pictures. I recommend that you watch the before and after videos before the main video. They do make a good point that because they have been together then they are more relaxed and the sex is better. This shoot has 329 pictures and a 48 minutes video for you to download. Check out the girls free preview videos. Click on the “Members Area” button and then “Search Models” for Carmina or Claudia. It’s free – click here →Continue reading →

Misha nude in public and peeing

Misha ends up naked by the docks for her nude in public shoot. She looks as if she enjoyed the thrill of getting naked in public. Finishing with her peeing.Girls peeing. Misha’s long legs are simply glorious! What a awesome set of pictures. Looks like you were almost caught. Yale was holding the camera. She wrote in the AW forum afterwards, “The film turned out so sexy! we had an awesome time shooting ourselves but that you can see. Misha i love you! couldn’t have done it with any one else because you can see how much chemistry there is between us.” This shoot has 141 pictures and a 23 minutes video for you to downloadContinue reading →

Charlotte naked and masturbating outdoors

Charlotte naked and masturbating outdoors. It was another hot day in Australia. Charlotte wanders into the garden. She sits on the grass and her lovely breast slip out of her top. Slowly, she undresses, removing her panties before her top. She lays on the grass feeling it between her legs. The rays of the sun hitting her unshaven poesy. She spreads her legs wide open. Her top comes off and she lays on the grass stark naked. Sunbathing nude. Her fingers move down her body and start to explore her pussy. Pushing her fingers deep inside her vagina. Fingering her clit until she cums. I loved this experience of being a “peeping tom”. Awesome video that offers something different. A distinctly voyeuristic feel as we follow Charlotte as she wanders round the garden. Watching her undress and pleasuring herself on the garden bench.
This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girl Juniper pissing and masturbating on the beach

Aussie girl Juniper pissing and masturbating on the beach. Wow, I’m, speechless. This one goes straight to my favorites list. Nice smile, lovely face, superb body, and not very shy about it. Lovely combination of innocence and experience in her face. She arrives at the beach and changes into her bikini. Lovely shots of it riding up into her ass crack as she lays on the beach. Off comes her top revealing her lovely titties. She pulls the material of her bikini bottom to the side for a pee on the beach. Juniper has a lovely combination of innocence and experience in her face as she crouches and pisses on the beach. It’s not a sunny day and the beach is almost empty. Perfect to get that liberating feeling of being naked on the beach! A few people walk past keeping their distance. Juniper makes no effort to cover up. The feeling of being naked in public must be making her feel horny. She sits and spreads her legs exposing some soft blond hairs on her pussy which she parts to slip her fingers deep inside her love tunnel. Two fingers go deep inside her vagina as she fondles her … Continue reading →

Ashley toying outdoors

Ashley toying outdoors with her hairbrush. She is a busty young woman from California. Laney who did an explicit nude girl on girl with Ashley wrote, “Seriously… she is so amazing! She has so many sexy stories. We have been hanging out together every day in Amsterdam, now we are sharing a hotel room. Because she’s from California she keeps the heater on at 27C/80F, so it’s really to hot to wear clothes in there. We just hang out naked.” Ashley admitted that this was the first time she had masturbated with a hairbrush. She wrote that she once put a glow stick inside her when she was a kid. After this latest solo shoot she wrote that it was an amazing time outdoors – she even squirted on camera. This shoot has 143 images and a 41 minute video to download.Continue reading →

Erina naked on the beach

Erina naked on the beach. Wow, She is gorgeous! Awesome body. Beautiful face and big breasts. Her playful personality. Erina looks incredibly hot in and out of her clothes. This woman is very much in-touch with her sexuality. And she seems so comfortable sharing herself. Erina ends up nude on the beach. Caressing her body as she spreads sun protection on her body. Her lovely slender body. Large breasts and a full bush. Erin is so incredibly pretty! This shoot has 241 pictures and a 40 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Jenna fingering her pussy outdoors

Jenna fingering her pussy outdoors. Oh my goodness, her smile is just radiant. She has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves and she clearly loves sharing it with us. Jenna is cute and gorgeous (with a very shapely bottom) and so explicitly naughty! Absolutely sensational video. An intelligent, articulate woman. Thoroughly enjoyed myself watching her play with her pussy outdoors! This shoot has 125 pictures and a 22 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Noelle fingers her pussy outdoors

Noelle fingers her pussy outdoors. Noelle blazes into your life in truly spectacular fashion! Caught out in a chestnut plantation in Australia. She is absolutely gorgeous. Jersey, T shirt and tight fitting jeans. She pulls her t shirt over her head and reveals a sexy bra. Her bra comes off exposing two lovely firm tits She walks around topless before stopping to pull down her blue jeans. Noelle looks absolutely gorgeous! She lays down a picnic rug. Sitting down, facing the camera, she pulls her panties to one side. Exposing her pussy covered in red hair. She lays back and her panties slide down her long legs. Noelle lays back and lifts her legs into the air. She smiles and her almond eyes stare into the camera beckoning you closer and closer. She kicks off her panties and spreads her pussy lips with her fingers. The Aussie sun shines down on her naked body as we see close ups of her love tunnel. Noelle is perfection. Perfect B-cup breasts, long red hair, fantastic slender figure, angelic face and a lovely unshaven pussy. This shoot has 125 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Stevie flashing in Amsterdam

Stevie flashing in Amsterdam. Sitting at the back of the tram, she lifts her feet and opens her legs flashing her panties. Under a bridge, she checks that the coast is clear. Stevie pulls up her tight denim skirt and shows her see through panties. She flashes her butt at the camera and at a passing tram full of passengers. Stevie pulls down her panties and sits on a cold block of concrete. She opens her legs wide for pussy close ups of her “little cave”. She pulls down her skirt and unbuttons the top of her blouse. Pulling out her titties and flashing them under the bridge. She heads back to her little hotel room flashing in the lift on the way up to her room. She plays with her breasts sitting on the bed. Stevie takes of her tight fitting clothes and lays on the bed. Fingers her pussy lips and spreading them for more close ups of her vagina. Fun video with the cheeky public near-nudity by the tram tracks. Stevie’s a great looking girl. She has beautiful long hair, really pretty eyes, and a delicious pair of tits. This shoot has 193 pictures and a 26 Continue reading →

Aussie girl Laney peeing and panty stuffing outdoors

Aussie girl Laney peeing and panty stuffing outdoors. One look at her face tells us that Laney wants to play. Being outdoors under the Australian sun makes her feel horny. She slides her top off her shoulders to show two of her outstanding features. Laney unfastens her bra, removes it and pulls down her top. Her nipples stick up under her top. Laney pulls her underwear to the side, exposing her natural, full bush. Playfully, she pours water on her her top to make it transparent and after few seconds she crouches to piss on the ground. Laney flashes her stunning titties. She pulls down her panties exposing her hairy bush between her long legs. Now she is naked outdoors.  Standing up, she pushes her fingers inside her vagina. It feels good. Standing naked, ginger banging her hairy pussy and showing us her hairy armpits. She just wants to cum. Afterwards Laney sits naked on a blanket on the ground. Her legs are wide apart and she stuffs her panties inside her vagina. Laney pulls them out slowly. She fingers her pussy some more with her fingers easily sliding through her love juices. All I can say is WOW. Laney … Continue reading →

Gala fingers pussy and butt hole outdoors

Gala fingers pussy and butt hole outdoors. Sitting by the waters edge, deliciously naughty Gala lifts her skirt and spreads her legs. Pulling aside her red panties, she exposing her meaty pussy lips. She pushes a finger into her vagina. Off comes her jacket revealing her red bra and hairy armpits. Stretching and flexing she shows off her perfectly pert and shapely butt and her small breasts. Gala slips off her panties exposing her hairy pussy. She runs her fingers through the thick hair that surrounds her wet vagina. She wants more and fingers inside her butt hole. What a beautiful girl. Nice smile, lovely face, superb body, and not very shy about it. A delight to look at, and she sure knows what to do with her fingers. A dream girl. This shoot has 160 pictures and a 48 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

French amateur Virginie masturbates outdoors

French amateur Virginie masturbates outdoors. Virginie feels horny under the Australian sun. Feeling herself under her panties. She exposes her full breasts to the sunlight. It feels nice with the sun rays hitting her nipples. Pulling down her panties, Mademoiselle Virgine feels the smooth skin of her shaven pussy. She spreads her pussy lips with her fingers revealing her wet vagina. Slowly she pushes her fingers deep inside. Touching herself with her legs wide open. Holy Moly what a girl. Such a beautiful girl. Absolutely perfect in every way. Beautiful face and smile. Lovely body with nice perfect breasts and a stunning pink pussy. This French amateur poses nude for AW whilst in Australia. She’s a darling. An instant favorite. Virginie is gorgeous! Virginie, une beauté française! I love listening to French girls talking. It’s so sexy. She talks in her free preview video on the following link. This shoot has 183 pictures and a 52 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Grisel is a true natural beauty!

Grisel is a true natural beauty! Long legs, puffy nipples, beautiful round butt and extremely kissable lips. Grisel is an exceptionally good looking girl. Her sexy G string is not big enough to cover her thick hairy pussy. Her hands wander across her natural bush and onto her clitoris. She reaches for her dildo to help her masturbate. 19 year old Grisel is my type of girl. Awesome body that looks great in and out of shorts. A wicked smile with a naughty glint in her eyes as she undresses outdoors. Perfect butt, puffy nipples and I do have a thing for hairy girls and small breasts. I can’t wait to download the video of her toying her pussy. What a beautiful girl. Perfect! This shoot has 166 pictures and a 29 minutes video to download.Continue reading →

Shannon toying her pussy

Shannon toying her pussy in this picture set and very hot and sexy video! There is a teasing smile on her face as she pulls down her tight shorts. We can make out the shape of her pussy through her pink panties. Shannon takes off her top and bra. She has lovely, erect, puffy nipples. Gently caressing her breasts, she grabs her nipples, pinching and twisting them with her fingers. Completely naked, Shannon masturbate with her favorite dildo in the garden. Rubbing it firmly against her clitoris, and pushing it into her dripping wet vagina. Pushing it in and out it in and out until she reaches a powerful climax. The beginning where she talks about her love of being fingered is really hot and from there she goes into some intense masturbation. She orgasms for what seems like a whole minute, her pussy covered with girl cum. A very hot and sexy video! Her vibrator sliding in and out of her extremely wet pussy and her loud orgasm says it all! This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude Girl Holly Pissing Outdoors

Nude Girl Holly Pissing Outdoors in Australia. Taking off her bikini Holly smiles as she jumps into the pool completely naked. After her swim, lays on a hammock, slowly moving her hands towards her hairy pussy. She begins to masturbate closing her eyes and breathing deeply as she caresses her clitoris with the tip of her fingers. Inserting her fingers inside her wet pussy getting closer to an orgasm. This Australian amateur is a perfect example of why Aussie girls are so awesome. Holly is a pretty girl from Oz who loves to be naughty. Masturbating and rubbing her clit until she cums. Afterwards, she has a piss by the pool. I really enjoyed her innocence and honesty. It was a great turn on. Check out her amazing first video. It’s as if it’s just you and her in the bedroom talking. She slowly strips. Then Holly has an unbelievable long orgasm. This shoot has 238 pictures and a 38 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Marleen and Misha lesbian sex outdoors

Marleen and Misha girl on girl hardcore. Gorgeous getting to see these two tall, leggy beauties together! Misha looks incredible with her blonde hair up. There is excellent chemistry between them. Very hot! Misha wrote in the AW forum, “I love it that I had this beautiful sexual experience with Marleen S!! She is so cool and full of fun! The sex was amazing and so is Marleen S.” Misha rocks, she’s so cute. This shoot has 296 pictures and a 53 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Alexandra naked outdoors

Alexandra is a beautiful girl for sure. Her skin is so white and perfect and her teeth are just so cute and perfect. Loved her video. When she said to the camera, “Do you want to see my pussy?” I pretty much nearly lost it. This shoot has 148 pictures and a 54 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Mira exposes her hairy pussy

Mira is truly a classic girl that one could see living next door. Very cute, nice butt. I love her breasts and her warm smile. Very pretty girl! I rather like the au natural look. I personally love her just as she is. What a lovely, happy girl Mira is! She’s *perfect* in her natural state.  This shoot has 118 pictures and a 13 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Gisela and Noa outdoor public lesbian sex

Gisela and Noa are two blonde beauties in nature. Very nice! Gisela is lovely and her face is so expressive. Delicious Noa is one of my new Faves. Noa answered comments in the AW forum. She wrote, “It was such a lovely green field and I had amazing sex and connection with Gisela. I remember that it was really nice that there was a breeze that day to cool off our slightly sweaty bodies. Gisela felt really warm so I didn’t get cold. The first time I had sex in a field. so nice.. kisses to Gisela!” This was such a beautiful location, even more when you add the two gorgeous ladies. I loved the photos of them holding hands while walking through the tall grass. This shoot has 259 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Analayn masturbates in the park

Analayn masturbates in the park. SO HOT! Analyn. What a beautiful firm butt. Finding a quiet spot she pulls down her tight jeans. Naked in nature, Analyn pulls down her panties. She lays down under the trees and fingers her hairy pussy. Just an amazing body. I love her! Analyn is such a cute woman. A real sweetheart. This girl is even more stunning on video! This shoot has 121 pictures and a 17 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie amateur Isabel naked by the river

Aussie amateur Isabel is stunning, absolutely breathtaking and so completely comfortable with her body and surroundings. Abby Winters girls, outdoors in nature, does have a magical quality! I just love the way she looks so happy to be displaying her beautiful body – a Goddess indeed! The lovely Isabel has done some nudie stuff for another video company in Australia under the name `Shannon’. This includes being kissed and stroked by a naked girl-friend on the bed! I’ve also seen her nude in public where she walks around the streets of a city stark naked. This shoot has 92 pictures and a 21 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Jacey

Australian amateur Jacey is such a cutie with a lovely smile. In this beautiful outdoor shoot, petite super-cutie Jacey is attired so bright and cheery in her pretty flower dress, blue and pink bra, and hot pink knickers. Don’t you love her face? Jacey is an excellent fresh faced find and I really liked her nervous charm. Fine fair skin, nice slim body and such a great beaming smile. Those hard nipples and some explicit posing put more than a bit of sexiness into this shoot. I agree that “I get to be myself… I feel really free when I get to take my clothes off” is the perfect reason to do an Abby Winters shoot. This shoot of 18 year old Jacey has a 178 images and a 10 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kylie fingers her pussy outdoors

The goddess Kylie’s first outdoor shoot is a thing of beauty. 19 year old Kylie is lucky (as are we) because she has lots of different looks, she can do cute… geeky… sexy… hot… and now sultry. I can just visualize Kylie’s famous smile as she is watching her video. I’m so certain it will be one of her favorites…it’s become one of my fav Kylie shoots. The natural setting and Kylie’s natural beauty definitely go hand in hand. This shoot has 197 pictures and a 24 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kristal nude outdoors

Aussie girl Kristal nude outdoors. Her smile is as bright as the sunshine and a lot warmer. What a gorgeous girl you are Kristal.  Such a beautiful face and when you smile – WOW! Love the tan and especially the tan lines which show that you don’t normally do this sort of thing or even go topless on the beach which makes it all the more special to see you here. After watching her video in which Kristal looks stunning again, her laughter reminded me of Candace’s who is also a stunning model. Great breasts, super body, and nice bush. This shoot has 138 pictures and an 18 minute video for you to download.
 … Continue reading →

Lulu flashing in the snow

Lulu is a very sexy girl. Confident. What beautifully intense orgasms. The added beauty is her naturally hairy body. Lulu wrote to her fans on the AW forum, “This was a very great shoot for me, felt very confident and it was a lot of fun! Coming from Spain, the snow has and will always have something exotic for me. it’s just so beautiful and the light becomes special. and the air is so fresh, and makes my skin feel sexy. like a winter fairy tale!” This shoot has 240 pictures and a 40 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Awesome Aussie girl Carla

Awesome Aussie girl Carla. Hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. Lovely. Her wild I-just-got-out-of-bed hair flops into her eyes but it can’t hide her killer smile! Carla is right up there in AW’s “winner’s circle”. what a fantastic body she has. I love her ass, her sexy hips and her nice flat stomach. A truly splendid video, it is a joy to see and hear Carla talk about her sexual preferences, sex in the Uni library and what she like in the bedroom. She then undresses and in Sue-Ann’s words treats us to some “blistering sexuality” as she sits on her chair and plays. Carla wrote in the AW forum, “If i do say so myself this was a beautiful and very fun to shoot. Its was a very warm day and being outside naked was an experience.” This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Paula nude outdoors

Paula nude outdoors. I really like Abby Winters Paula, she’s a real innocent kinda gal but dose love a bit of fun. She has the most delightful face and sweetest smile. Grace and beauty personified. I think this nude Australian girl is the perfect example of a girl you meet once and fall in love with for your entire life. Paula has also appeared in four explicit lesbian shoots. This shoot has 104 pictures and a 19 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Leslie fingers her pussy outdoors

Leslie is so beautiful and sensuous! The combination of her pretty face, fair skin, and perfect figure make her a total knockout. I can’t stop looking at her pictures! She’s so seductive. I love seeing naked girls wearing glasses. This shoot has 250 pictures and a 47 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude Australian Hiking Girls

Nude Australian Hiking Girls. Wow! Four beautiful nude Australian girls in beautiful surroundings. All those cute butts to look at when they’re on the way up. Boots and short shorts, its hot! and getting naked on mountain walks is always a great way to make it more enjoyable. Abby Winters hiking girls have their own solo shoots and some appear in explicit lesbian  hardcore. This shoot has 327 pictures and a 18 minute video for you to download.… Continue reading →

18 year old Alena is fabulous

18 year old busty Alena is fabulous. A must see video. Lovely to see and hear Alena. I go along with Sue-Ann about Alena’s superb boobs. Great to hear that Alena is proud of her freckles. Her smile is just radiant. She has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves. What a perfect bush! I’m speechless. All I can think to say is “Wow!” OK, I’ve caught my breath. I can think of a little more. Alena is a beautiful, elegant young woman. She’s typical of the sweet, wholesome amateurs found on Abby Winters. What a knockout! Adorable and sexy Aussie girl. This shoot has 157 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Twelve Australian girls skinny dipping

Twelve Australian girls skinny dipping (bathing nude). My kind of pool party. Is this for a Guinness book of records attempt or something? Nude pool cramming. There’s some gorgeous Aussie girls in this set! I watched the Abby Winters Pool Girls. What else can I say but, WOW! It is a great video. I loved to watch the girls on top of each others shoulders and wrestling against each other. This shoot has 503 pictures and a 20 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Lulu and Yara outdoor lesbian sex

Lulu and Yara outdoor lesbian sex. Lulu and Yara work together so nicely making sure they each get as much pleasure as possible. For her 11th (!!!) lesbian sex shoot, Lulu is just as pretty, passionate and happy as ever.  Several times she gives her lovely new friend Yara a beautiful orgasm. This is only Yara’s second AW encounter with a girl. Lulu gathers Yara in her arms. She kisses her neck and caresses her breasts- Lovingly fingering Yara’s pretty pussy all at the same time. Aussie girl Yara offers a helping hand for the final few strokes. Guiding Lulu’s hand making sure she hits just the right spot to push her into orgasmic bliss. Just one of the many lovely times the girls cum. Lulu manages to bring about simultaneous orgasms by fingering Yara and masturbating herself at the same time! This shoot has 240 pictures and a 59 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Evelina naked and peeing in the forest

Evelina naked and peeing in the forest. she is like a wood nymh isn’t she? A naughty, tree-climbing nymph. She tells that a man came out of nowhere in the forest. He just couldn’t stop staring at her as she was naked. The photographer asked him to leave several times before he finally did. She said, “I mean, yeah I understand that you don’t see naked woman climbing on the trees everyday, but it was still slightly annoying.” This shoot has 139 pictures and a 13 minutes video for you to downloadContinue reading →

Gretchen flashing outdoors

Gretchen flashing outdoors in her hometown. Our darling Gretchen is just so naughty and adorable! She was the perfect choice for this type of shoot. I love her personality. Her masturbation session in the fitting room was very hot and its sexy to know she’s made a habit of touching herself in public. I especially loved her cute closeup of her smiling face after she orgasms. Fun video. I love listening to her talk as she goes about her adventure. She clearly enjoyed chatting with us. Awesome. When she was sitting on the steps. I kept wanting to holler out as the folks in the street kept happening by. “Watch out Gretchen. Someone else is coming!” Definitely fun stuff! This shoot has 113 pictures and a 28 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Amy is the real nude girl next door model

Amy is the real nude girl next door model. She reminds me of Kasia – see here. Small and attractive with a beautiful smile. A lovely Australian amateur with small perky breasts and a full bush. Blue eyed honey. She so rocks!   Amy did look a little nervous at first but settled down gradually. she’s even more stunning on video! The first one is where we got to know more about her. She seems like a smart girl who knows what she wants! Her confidence in herself was really nice to see. Amy’s tales of previous relationships with girls and what really turns her on in a girl were both honest and sexy. I did like her choices in what she really liked about girls. The second video with a really sensual masturbation seen contained some great angles of the action and it was like witnessing a private and very sexy moment. This shoot has 86 pictures and a 26 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Tanya nude in public

Tanya nude in public is a joy to see. I love females posing nude in public. Tanya fully naked under her coat is just an amazing sight. Only wish there were more pictures. Check out the video. Flashing while other people are right behind her. Well it doesn’t get much sexier then that. We need more models to do this! This image set has 304 pictures and a 56 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Bobbie and Yara lesbian sex in an Off Roader

Bobbie and Yara are a perfect match. Two girls with a similar spunky personality, Bobbie is a giver which she showed in her girl on girl with Billie. She was deeply focused on making sure her partner experienced as much pleasure as possible. However, gorgeous Yara is just as dedicated to making her girlfriend feel good. We get to see how hot Bobbie looks when she is the one being pushed to the limits of pleasure. Her lovely pale skin flushing pink as she surrenders to multiple orgasms. I loved the chemistry between these two babes! This image set has 284 pictures and a 60 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girl Fleur spreads outdoors

Aussie girl Fleur spreads outdoors exposing her hairy pussy. Oh my God she’s beautiful. Those eyes. I could get lost staring into her eyes. This Australian girl hot has a great ass. This shoot has 94 pictures and a 12 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Bisera is a beauty

Bisera is a beauty. She looks absolutely positively adorable. Bisera, you a beauty. I love your sensuous legs and feet – and delicious butt. Your perk little tits are just perfect for love-making. 19 year old Bisera has explicit lesbian sex with four different girls; appears in masturbation videos and some candid backstage pics. This shoot has 116 pictures and a 12 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Carly and Silvie nude on the beach

Carly and Silvie nude on the beach. This is a lovely fun shoot, the girls looked to be a having a great time frolicking and splashing with Carly putting some wrestling moves into practice. I thought this was a very sexy shoot in a beautiful setting! I love the group shoots, but there is also something intimate about this one with just the two of them together. This shoot has 148 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Gwendolyn nude on the beach

Wow, what a nice start of the day with Gwendolyn. Her smile is infectious and her breasts are just fantastic. A beautiful girl, with the nicest smile I have ever seen! Gwendolyn’s has the kind of happy that’s contagious, a person would be lucky to know her. She’s really a fantastic girl and it seems she had a lot of fun doing the photo session. This shoot has 108 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Billie Gets Naked in Nature

Billie is just wonderful! She’s such an elegantly pretty girl. It’s is a real pleasure to watch her walk through the woods slowly getting undressed. Billie looks absolutely gorgeous when she’s naked in nature. Her lovely smile lights up her face. She mentions that she absolutely loves having sex outside. This shoot has 259 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude Aussie McKenzie

Nude Aussie McKenzie is gorgeous! She’s one of the best. And I remember from her videos, she’s a dancer as well! She is tall, beautiful, smart and stunning and a lot of other good things that I can’t think of the words for right now. Naked and natural. This is what makes AW different. Smiling girl next door type models without their clothes. This is a shoot from the extensive AW archives. This shoot has 144 pictures and a 12 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian Poppy naked outdoors

Poppy is a stunner. She is seriously beautiful. Particularly her eyes. A man could get lost. Poppy has a great smile, a slim body and curly hair No tan line and a nice triangle of pubic hair. Poppy has the the most perfect bush. The girl is wonderful and she’s NOT shaved. Oh boy, she’s cute. It’s a little known aspect of traffic law in the US that drivers must not only yield to naked women on the road, but worship them as well. Unfortunately, there’s no video of Poppy. She wasn’t up for it.
This shoot has 170 pictures in three image sets for you to download.Continue reading →

Monica Peeing Outdoors

Monica is so lovely. Her beautiful blond hair and bright smile glows in the Australian sunshine. On he video she tells very sexy stories about a threesome. Especially the part where the guy unloaded a massive amount of cum all over her face. Her boyfriend rubbing her pussy under her long school skirt in the middle of class. She slips her hairbrush inside her perfect pussy. Another blissful orgasm. Monica looks so intense when she cums. It’s so nice to meet a girl who clearly loves to masturbate. This shoot has 168 pictures and a 38 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Five naked Australian girls

Five naked Australian girls outdoors. These kind of group shoots have always been my favorite shoots on the Abby Winters web site. The location and the models in this one were just exceptional. Bravo! Groups of happy naked Australian girls simply enjoying themselves in the nude. Abby Winters Picnic Girls is fabulous! Check out their solo shoots – all the girls details are here. This shoot has 158 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Fleur nude in public

Fleur went to Abby Winters and they took her to a park in Melbourne Australia. She assured them that she did not mind being seen nude in public. Overcast sky and a long lens… one nice shoot! This 18 year old Aussie girl is beautiful!! This first shoot is amazing. Those eyes. Great facial expression and the windswept hair. I could get lost staring into her eyes. She’s better in the full set than in these preview pictures. She’s got a truly beautiful smile. I especially liked the combination of an outdoor setting and explicit shots – very enjoyable, albeit (I presume) hard to achieve. Kudos to Fleur for her adventurous spirit. Gulp. Just fantastic. Lovely girl and set of images. This image set has 62 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Faye is fabulous

Faye is fabulous! Lying in the water wearing her panties Standing up with her wet panties clinging to her every contour of her body. I liked the somewhat unusual location in the shallow water. The green background makes a great contrast to oh so lovely Faye. I’m sure Abby made sure that there were no crocodiles around. Great tan lines, beautiful girl and wet hair. The video feautires Faye walking through the bodies stark naked. It’s awesome. You know when sometimes you are so in to what a model is telling or doing that you actually forget that you are looking at a naked girl? That’s how it is with 18 year old Faye! This shoot has 57 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Charlotte undressing and spreading

Charlotte undressing and spreading. This is a very nice shoot of a beautiful girl. She is one of the three camping girls. I just love this girl. Absolutely beautiful. A nice video from Charlotte as she braves the cold and then rain. Charlotte toys with the buttons before removing her undies and caressing herself. This shoot has 116 pictures and a 17 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Hayley naked outdoors

Hayley’s dark little nipples sit perfectly centre on her full, pert, ski-jump breasts. But you won’t find that out until she unhooks and unzips her pretty red dress and chooses to reveal everything to you..yummy! Hayley is drop dead gorgeous, long legs, a great ass, great smile – even dimples! She’s perfect! Hayley’s smile is as bright as the sun. No doubt that she is super cute, I’d even say beautiful with a small well proportioned body. So many stunning features to this nude Australian girl. Lovely smile, stunning eyes, hair, on and on! Glad to see video focused on her best asset, what a tush on this girl! This shoot has 167 pictures and a 9 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Nude Camping girls

Camping just got a whole lot more awesome. Who knew that three super sexy Australian girls could liven up a camping experience? Threesome girl on girl with kissing and groping each other. Juliette, Joanna and Charlotte enjoying each others company under the stars. This shoot has 425 pictures and a 40 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Caramel nude girl on the beach

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