First time posing nude for Sophia

First time posing nude for Sophia. She poses in her day time clothes wearing sexy tight shorts. “I really love wearing short shorts, she says in her posh British accent.” You can see the bottom part of your arse and how it dips over anything is really sexy.” She pulls off her top, lifts her lace bra and two lovely tits pop out! Sophia laughs and starts to fondle her breasts. Sitting on the couch, she teases us by pulling her girly panties aside and flashing her hairy bush. She lays back and lifts her legs in the air to pull off her panties. Sophia spreads her legs wide and starts to finger the meaty lips of her hairy pussy. She pulls apart her pussy lips and we get a closer look inside. Sophia turns around into a doggy position and her hands reach towards her butt. She spreads her butt cheeks apart exposing her tight anus and then her hands reach for her labia. More fingering and finger banging. Pulling and twisting it aside in numerous ways. Sophia is a beautiful girl. She has a pretty face, an awesome body, and what a great, infectious smile! This shoot has Continue reading →

Anna is a fit chick with meaty pussy lips

Anna is a fit chick with meaty pussy lip. Some skipping with a rope before she pulls it up tight in between her legs. The rope rubbing again her blue shorts. Anna takes off her top and plays around in her bra and blue shorts showing her flexibility. She smiles and pulls down her shorts. Anna teases us as she lays on the floor wearing nothing but her girly panties. She removes them slowly. There is a teasing look in her eyes. She fingers her pussy looking at the camera. Reaching towards her hairbrush, she uses it to spread her pussy lips apart. Fingering her clit and butt cheeks. What a beautiful, fit and healthy body. Her butt is divine (especially in those cut-off shorts and that green tutu and see through tights combination). Enjoyed myself to the max watching her red hot video. Anna talks as she strips naked. This shoot has 283 pictures and a 46 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Ava plays with her strap on dildo

Ava is such a cute natural looking girl with a hairy bush. Her “kinky” side is bit of a surprise, but no way an unpleasant one. Seems she’s okay for lesbian hardcore shoots as well. There are a couple of “Points” that Stand Out about Ava. Love her puffy nipples. Ava has all the right stuff for blowing my mind! Good looking girl with little puffies and a fantastic hairy bush! Ava, please marry me! This shoot has 417 pictures and a 23 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Heidi’s lovely bush and large nipples

Heidi’s lovely bush and large nipples are so sexy. and also isn’t easy to find a skinny girl that looks so good. Heidi’s video is deliciously erotic. I love hearing her talking about sex. Her voice is so sexy and the way she talks about her body and sex is really erotic. The best solo videos are the ones where the model is articulate and very talkative. So this video is excellent. Her body is awesome with a gorgeous tight butt. This shoot has 180 pictures and a 30 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Absolutely stunning Kelly

Absolutely stunning Kelly M. She is very enticing here in her debut. Kelly has a lovely backside and gorgeous ass. I thought this even before she removes a stitch of clothing. This is a very lovely shoot of a beautiful girl with wonderful breasts. Kelly M’s a cute gal with a quirky smile and the jokey banter of the interview seemed to suit her personality. Kelly M said she isn’t really sure about her best feature – her boobs. But for me it’s her firm butt. Kelly’s personality comes through in her video. My favorite moment in the video is the point where she takes her bra off and her nipples are relaxed. then she touches her gorgeous breasts and her nipples get stiff. Beautiful. This shoot has 188 pictures and a 21 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Lalia and Maddie girl on girl

Laila and Maddie girl on girl. Watching Maddie eating pussy always is a treat. “Lalia pussy tastes like an absolute dream,” Maddie wrote in the AW forum. Both girls enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. Watching them in action is amazing. Finger banging and pussy licking. I loved hearing Maddie moans as she feels Lalia fisting her from behind. Pushing her whole hand inside Maddie’s wet pussy. This shoot has 258 pictures and a 71 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Redhead Elisa With Full Natural Breasts

Holly Molly!!! We have a winner. What a beautiful and stunning woman. Debut for lovely, cute, funny Elisa! Amateur redheads posing nude are always welcome. Her boobs are simply perfect. It took my breath away when she let them swing. She has an amazingly pretty pink pussy. Covered with lovely pubic hair. Elisa leaves no doubt that she is English. She confesses that her post-masturbation routine includes tea and biscuits. She masturbates to an intense orgasm on her video. It’s great to meet Elisa knowing that she’s already had lesbian sex with lovely Hania and Flora and masturbated with darling Anahi. This shoot has 244 pictures and a 42 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Girl Girl deep fingering Cornelia and Mariana

Girl Girl deep fingering from behind Cornelia and Mariana. I love Cornelia’s facial expressions, so sexy! The girls look gorgeous together. The electricity crackles between the girls from their first steamy kiss. The girls seem to be made for each other. Both are so sweet and smart and funny and kinky. The girls share lots of cute kisses as they pleasure each other in many sexy ways. including lesbian scissoring. With her elegant English accent and sweet dimpled smile, Cornelia always looks so cute. AW fans know by now that she’s a sexual dynamo under the surface. Mariana moans in pleasure as Cornelia fingers her from behind until she reaches a powerful climax. This shoot has 230 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Jessie first time nude and exposing hairy pussy

Jessie has such a beautiful slender body! Amazing blue eyes. Her cute little smile, seductive personality and tall slender body really set her apart from other girls. This is a very nice first solo shoot.She came over from England to Amsterdam for the shoot. She remarked in her handwritten notes (available online) that she loved how it slowly moved from fully clothed to nude. This shoot has 335 pictures and a 11 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Abby Winters newbie Tully

Abby Winters Tully has a very nice smile, pretty eyes and a great body. I like her natural hairy pussy and looks as though she had a few nerves before standing nude in front of the camera. There’s so much to love about this 18 year old British girl. I think I would suddenly go a bit shy and coy if approached by this gorgeous lady, especially if she was flashing that smile my way. I love her sun tan lines highlighting all her private parts. This shoot has 55 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Kelsy masturbating with her vibrator

Kelsy masturbating with her vibrator and fingering her pussy. Kelsy is a sexy young woman with a fabulous body. She’s “hot”, human, modest and really appealing. A real natural beauty and a great first shoot! She looks so natural and relaxed. I’ve already looked at her again and again. Thank you Kelsy! This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →