Mary and Sienna explicit girl on girl

Mary and Sienna explicit girl on girl. Gorgeous, sweet, raven-haired Americans Mary and Sienna retire to the bedroom to explore each other’s lovely bodies. Lovely giggles and passionate kisses. The girls embark on a journey of shared pleasure. They look so beautiful completely naked caressing each other. Mary takes the lead in pleasuring Sienna. Laying her down on the pillows to give her everything she can using her fingers and mouth. Alternating between gentle, sensual licking and firm, vigorous rubbing. “Are you OK?” Mary asks after Sienna cums. It’s Mary’s turn. Her long legs open wide so Sienna can go down on her. Rubbing her pussy in little circles. Mary cums with beautiful moans as her whole body trembles in ecstasy. Mary has invited Sienna to sit on her face for more oral (Mary mentioned in just about all her shoots that is her favorite thing! This shoot has 256 pictures and a 52 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Charlee and Marine explicit girl on girl

OMG this was so hot. Thought it was all over, and then the last few minutes – wow! “I’ve never done porn on my birthday before, so this is something new!”, Charlee tells Marine. just look how happy they are!) he girls take turns giving each other sensual oral standing up. Charlee asks to sit on Marine’s face. “Yes, please! Especially since you’re so wet now!” Marine replies. After some sensual kissing and tribbing, Charlee gives Marine anal with her fingers and tongue. Charlee looks so beautiful licking pussy. She does a great job judging from Marine’s amazing climax. This shoot has 249 pictures and a 57 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Sophie shows us her slim figure

Sophie shows us her slim figure. Beautiful face and natural unshaven pussy. Her videos such a turn-on and so enjoyable to watch. Because (1) Sophie is red hot sexy. (2) She knows she has an audience and plays to the camera. (3) She is completely turned on by others seeing her naked. (4) It starts out slow. You get an idea of Sophie’s personality and interests. Builds up to the explicit action. Loads of close-ups. As if you are there in her bedroom laying beside her. This shoot has 237 pictures and a 37 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Mary spreads and fingers her hairy pussy

Mary was awesome in her solo debut shoot in her home state of California. So it’s thrilling to learn she made the trip to Amsterdam for the full AW experience. She’s very proud of her long pubes and asks if we can see how much they’ve grown. You decide. There are lots of fantastic close ups as she touches herself. Mary ends by masturbating to a gorgeous orgasm. Both hands rubbing her clit until she cums with a ecstatic moan. “I feel so good! It feels really warm and nice,” she says smile. We get to Mary her indulge in girl on girl shoots with Elin, Anca, Tilly B, Sienna G, Lucia M, Zina B and Dimitra (phew!). It’s good to know that Mary made the most of her visit to Amsterdam. This shoot has 221 pictures and a 29 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Anabelle, Maylin and Sienna lesbian threesome

Oh wow, Anabelle, Maylin and Sienna lesbian threesome. It must be Christmas. Lovely Anabelle lets Sienna lay on top of her while kissing her breasts. Then she opens herself her legs for Maylin. She licks her hairy pussy and finger bangs her pussy. Redhead Anabelle grabs Sienna’s butt while sitting on her face. Maylin in the meantime is humping Anabelle and making out with Sienna. Fingering, face sitting, pussy licking, lesbian scissoring awesomeness. Girl on Girl squirting threesome Anabelle, Maylin and Sienna. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Charlee fingers her clit through her hairy bush

The lovely Charlee fingers her clit through her hairy bush. She is so articulate, so sexy. She makes awesome, intimate videos. I love listening to her talk about the things that get her aroused. Fantasizing about public sex and orgies. I loved hearing that her friends are shocked that she would do nude modeling. But they like looking at her photos. I loved the part of the video where you were licking your nipples. This shoot has 199 pictures and a 46 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Girl Girl tribbing Holly and Sabrina

Some of the hottest and most passionate pussy eating I have seen in a long time. Holly and Sabrina are so pretty. It’s a joy to watch them have sex! Sabrina’s oral sex technique is exquisite. Holly always looks so intense when she cums. Her whole body jolting. Sabrina giggles at how intense and wet Holly’s orgasm was. Holly’s turn to give a master class in pussy licking. Laying Sabrina on the floor and burying her face between Sabina’s thighs. After 69, Sabrina bends Holly over the couch. Her fingers penetrate Holly’s pussy hard in doggy. Holly’s second orgasm is even more intense than the first. Some epic tribbing. Holly and Sabrina throwing their whole bodies into making their pussies grind together. This shoot has 243 pictures and a 37 minute video for you to download.
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Ashley and Brooklyn lesbian hardcore

Ashley and Brooklyn lesbian hardcore experience. Very hot sex between these two lovelies. Blonde Ashley did great work as always. Brooklyn was amazing. I love to see women in action who knows what they are doing. Wow this one really sizzles. Like the others, it leaves one hungry for the video, and with such a wonderful display of tender passion, I know it will be worth the wait. This shoot has 329 pictures and a 51 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Holly and Charlee lesbian rimming

Holly and Charlee lesbian rimming and more! Oh, lawdy, take me now!! I’m still enjoying Holly’s last video. Suddenly, here she is appearing in a deliciously explicit girl on girl. AW also brought her to Amsterdam! AW write, “Sitting on the floor and closing her eyes, Charlee exhales deeply as she feels Holly’s sweet kisses on her nipples.” OMG! What a scrumptious pairing they make together. Charlee is one of the prettiest faces on AW and Holly’s perfect young body is so hot! Another fantastic AW “first time ever with a girl ” lesbian hardcore shoot. This time it’s Aussie amateur Holly who get’s to live out and explore her womanly fantasies with the awesome Charlee.  This shoot has 222 pictures and a 57 minute video  for you to download.Continue reading →

Lesbian 69 Charlee and Sienna

Charlee and Sienna! You are both beautiful and putting you both together is an explosive combination. They both seems do magic with their tongues and fingers. Loved the intensity. Busty Charlee is so hot!!! She appears in three lesbian hardcore shoots. Sienna is a vivacious beautiful young woman! She appears in 6 lesbian hardcore shoots. This shoot has 189 pictures and a 63 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Sienna fingers her hairy bush

Sienna fingers her hairy bush. She is a vivacious beautiful young woman! I’m a sucker for small breasts. Sienna’s are the best. I’m also a sucker for dark eyebrows. Sienna is a seductive, beautiful woman. I love seeing her with other girls. Sienna has amazing eyes and a sexy figure. She is a woman who is a joy to see in so many ways. This image set has 185 pictures and a video to be released. Check out her other solo and lesbian hardcore videos. Buy this scene direct (USD $4.49). “Scene” includes all the high resolution images and all the videos that appear on a scene page. Direct link to more images and videos →Continue reading →

Charlee toying with her hair brush

An absolute Goddess to be worshiped everyday. Thank you Charlee! She is ball achingly sexy! Gorgeous all over with fabulous large boobs: Beautiful shapely butt, and such a pretty face. Sparkling personality! Did I miss anything? The image set comes with a red hot video of throbbing explicit eroticism. 99% of the girls have videos to download (included in the price of membership). This shoot has 301 pictures and a 56 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Ashley toying outdoors

Ashley toying outdoors with her hairbrush. She is a busty young woman from California. Laney who did an explicit nude girl on girl with Ashley wrote, “Seriously… she is so amazing! She has so many sexy stories. We have been hanging out together every day in Amsterdam, now we are sharing a hotel room. Because she’s from California she keeps the heater on at 27C/80F, so it’s really to hot to wear clothes in there. We just hang out naked.” Ashley admitted that this was the first time she had masturbated with a hairbrush. She wrote that she once put a glow stick inside her when she was a kid. After this latest solo shoot she wrote that it was an amazing time outdoors – she even squirted on camera. This shoot has 43 images and a 41 minute video to download.Continue reading →

Ashley – born in the USA

Ashley – born in the USA. She is just so cute! I love her sweet giggly personality, bright smiles and golden blonde hair. Pretty much everything she does in this shoot is awesome. I love her sweet giggly personality, bright smiles and golden blonde hair. Once she gets undressed, her body is amazing! Her full, pert boobs are so lovely and jiggly, and her legs and tummy look so perfectly toned. Once she gets undressed, her body is amazing! Her full, pert boobs are so lovely and jiggly, and her legs and tummy look so perfectly toned. This shoot has 219 pictures and a 25 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Jessa plays with her fabulous boobs

Jessa undresses and tries different outfits until she finally settles with a blouse that emphasizes her large breasts. As she begins to undress, we can see she’s wearing delicate red lingerie. Slowly taking her one-piece lingerie off, she pulls it down her long legs and lets it drop to the floor. Laying down completely naked, Jessa giggles as she shows her slender body. OMG, what an excellent photo set and video! Welcome to AW, Jessa, I hope you become a regular. Its great to see a girl who enjoys her tits this much! 19 year old amateur from the USA. This shoot has 214 pictures and a 34 minutes of video for you to download. Continue reading →

Serena on FTVGirls

Serena on FTVGirls. She’s a super cute petite blonde teen, an ex-cheerleader with a super fit figure and big pretty blue eyes… and she’s exclusive to FTV! Friends with Scarlett, we see her introduced by her BFF as they get rowdy at the airport and Serena shows off her sexy figure. Later that night, she gets naked and tries on a few different clothes to show us what she’s interested in shooting with the next day. On the morning, we see her in a cute white dress and heels, and wow is she sexy! No panties or bra, she parades around flashing her sexy assets. We get a lot of teases between her legs, and she eventually gets completely naked so we can see her desirable figure out in the open! She then does a little pee session.
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Michelle on FTVGirls

Michelle on FTVGirls. She’s a supercute doe-eyed teen with a slim & tight figure… and definitely tight in more than one way! Fun-loving and naturally quite orgasmic, she knows her sexuality well, and shows off what she enjoys for the first time on camera! We see her at a lakeside park, wearing a cute white summer dress, getting upskirt and downblouse teases as she introduces herself, then puts on some heels and does some sexy modeling at a nearby resort. Her perky nipples are played with, then she settles right there to masturbate with a vibrator to an orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Then she gets completely naked, parades around in heels, and fingers herself in a seating area.
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Jane on FTVGirls

Jane on FTVGirls. This tall, beautiful and natural redhead has such an amazing figure, and loves to be naked when she can! Her first adult shoot, she was a bit shy on camera, but looked so good teasing us in her skimpy clothes. Never wearing bras, she puts on a cute top and short shorts, parading around a resort and teasing us. Notice her very perky nipples, and she plays with them, then rubs her privates in a seating area right there!… Continue reading →

Myra on FTVGirls

Myra on FTVGirls. Just turned 18, this super cute cherry blonde has never shot any adult before, but has been very excited to turn 18 and try it as a special experience for herself. She loves to masturbate, especially on clitoral stimulation, and even though she’s been with only one guy, she is learning to enjoy sex as well. We first meet her at a pretty park, seeing her model in a cute white dress and heels, where she ends up teasing us her privates, then fingering herself right there! Then off to a resort area, she shows off her firm toned butt, gets fully naked and proceeds to masturbate with her fingers! After a little pee video, she gets to use a vibrator for the first time. (The Magic Wand!) Notice how strong her orgasm is with strong visible vaginal contractions!… Continue reading →