Elizabeth bathing nude

Personally, I think Elizabeth is one of the cutest girls on Abby Winters. She’s one of the main reasons I joined in the first place. This 18 year old Australian girl is a stunner. Awesome personality. I was hoping that she might just have pleased us hair lovers by growing back her pubes. This shoot has 94 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Lily strips in the driveway

We first saw Lily naked in the pool with pretty Aussie girls in Abby Winters Pool Girls. (Link to y picture gallery here.) She has lovely skin, perfectly perky breasts, great butt and a natural bush. Lily’s face is even lovelier than I imagined; that shy smile of hers really grabs me. I like the adventurism of this set; even though I know Abby takes precautions against the models being discovered nude in public, it’s fun to imagine that someone could walk around the corner at any second (maybe me ! ). I reckon Abby has to work fast, which makes her skill even more remarkable. Lily, you are a captivating, beautiful girl. This shoot has 157 pictures and a 13 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

First timer Francis

Abby Winters Francis has a very nice face with a really sexy pout. This Australian amateur is incredibly cute, smiley and was a good way to finish up the week! There is one picture where she appears to be laughing, is really sexy. Not to mention the closeups of the bright red stubble on her pussy. And those freckles! What a delight! This shoot has 53 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Krystin strips naked on her bed

Australian amateur Krystin’s red hair and looks. Nothing more to say. Krystin is magnificent and so cute. 18 year old Krystin is so beautiful! A delightful smile, soft perfect fair skin, and those eyes that are stunning! Wow. Beautiful nude Australian girl. Just watched the video and believe it is definitely the hottest one to hit the site in some time. Abby Winters Krystin is so sensual. Simply amazing. This shoot has 184 pictures and a 17 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Sian and Jocelyn

Sian and Jocelyn playing with each other by the pool. Nothing explicit. Just two buddies getting together for a little photo shoot. Wow, their video is sizzling hot. Quiet, tender lovemaking between two beautiful young girls, with lots of opportunities for great glimpses at their hot bodies from all different angles. I know tastes differ, but in my book this is so much more exciting than watching two girls performing 69 for up to five minutes. Their video proves once more that you don’t need to have a D-cup to be a ravishing beauty. This shoot has 66 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Kaitlin is simply beautiful

It’s always nice to see Kaitlin. This Australian amateur is simply beautiful. Absolutely perfect. Kaitlin’s fresh face is captured beautifully. They don’t come much prettier than this! Kaitlin is such a beauty and her great flexibility lets her get into some stunning poses! This shoot has 125 pictures and a 22 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Alexandra and Hania

Alexandra and Hania lesbian hardcore experience. Bending over on all fours, Alexandra pushes her butt out while Hania pulls aside her panties and tours her tongue up and down her hairy vulva, dampening her dark pubic hair with her saliva. Turning around, Hania lifts her legs up and holding Alexandra’s ponytail with one hands, guides her in between her legs, receiving a passionate oral as she squirms in pleasure. This shoot has 264 pictures and a 73 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Mila fingering her pussy

MIla fingering her pussy. OMG! Whatever praises Mila gets, they aren’t enough. She is about as close to flawless as any girl here. In addition to being very intelligent with a good personality, I can’t find one thing I don’t like about her. If anything, Mila seems almost too good to be true. Lustrous eyes, sensuous mouth, playful smile, perfect skin, great bush…and I must say that her pussy and her anus are, for want of a better descriptor, “picture perfect”. Particularly her butt hole. This shoot has 222 images and 41 minutes of video to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girl Kristal

Could Kristal be any more hotter if she tried? I reckon the AW staff could have dressed her in a garbage bag and she’d still be the hottest thing since sliced bread. Not that I am comparing Kristal to bread…but you know, I am trying to say…Kristal is incredible! A lovely video as Kristal tells us of her before bed routine and then of how she like to sleep in the nude as she undresses. This shoot has 159 pictures and a 9 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Dulcie’s not dull at all for sure!

Dulcie’s not dull at all for sure! Lovely everything and a pink skirt. She looks like a real fun loving girl, and gorgeous too. A very playful girl with a firm body and a marvelous smile. Lovely face, lovely body! Checking out her video. it’s will be good to see and hear her in action. She is a buddy of Darya. I presume she is also from Finland? This shoot has 71 pictures and a 11 minutes video for you to download.
 … Continue reading →

Busty Aussie girl Lil

Lil has such an awesome figure and great breasts (as you might have noticed). She is the Aussie girl-next-door for me. She’s got a touch of Scarlett Johansson in her face when she smiles a certain way. She is stunning, sexy and more. Loved her video. 92 pictures in this set to download at AW. This shoot has 92 pictures and a 10 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Gema is a real gem

18 years old Gema comes back to Abby Winters looking a little blonde but judging by her previous set actually a gorgeous redhead. I think the term is strawberry blonde (never been sure why!). A welcome return whatever term you care to use. She was one of the first models I came across when I joined Abby Winters and she’s still one with that special enigmatic look that is irresistible for me. One of my favorite naked Australian girls. That’s for sure. Gema you are a total stunner from head to toe, and all the bits in between, PLUS you have the sexiest underwear i’ve seen on the site!! I hope you know how fantastic you look – enough to melt the heart (and pants) of every mortal man! This shoot has 174 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Elizabeth naked tree climber

Elizabeth naked tree climber. 19 year old Elizabeth is a really cute isn’t she? Wow, wow, wow what a lovely girl. This naked Australian amateur has a lovely engaging nature and what a beautiful toned and supple body. A natural beauty. From time-to-time I come back and re-watch Elizabeth’s videos – she is captivating. This shoot has 87 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Danya exposes her meaty pussy lips

it’s a nice day and Danya goes camping. After she has pitched her tent, she begins to undress. She lays on her back on the ground and opens her legs as apart as they can go! Her hands slowly move down her body, caressing he stiff nipples before heading south towards her vulva. Using her fingers, She spreads her meaty lips apart and finger bangs her vagina. This shoot has 138 pictures and a 25 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Abby Winters newbie Tully

Abby Winters Tully has a very nice smile, pretty eyes and a great body. I like her natural hairy pussy and looks as though she had a few nerves before standing nude in front of the camera. There’s so much to love about this 18 year old British girl. I think I would suddenly go a bit shy and coy if approached by this gorgeous lady, especially if she was flashing that smile my way. I love her sun tan lines highlighting all her private parts. This shoot has 55 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Llewellyn strips up a tree

Llewellyn is very nice and natural. I love her perfect body and her sexy natural bush! Awesome tan lines and a great smile. Such a pretty girl! Allover looking great, lovely smile, beautiful eyes and i like those undies. Sexy everything, perfect little tits, a VERY cute butt, hairy pussy, a beautiful smile, and I love those glasses! This young woman is definitely the type of girl I would bring home to mother! The combination of glasses, silky arms, and lovely natural assets is a marriage proposal x 10….Again, if only I was a bit younger and she were a bit older….Llewellyn, you are awesome! This shoot has 85 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kylie loves toying her pussy

I see Kylie is still as scary flexible as ever. Lots of personality coming through in this shoot. This Australian amateur is a real stunner! What a beautiful face, and a perfect body to match! I’d like to say how much I enjoyed her photo shoot and the videos with Liandra and Matilda. Excellent stuff, and she came across as an intelligent, talented, beautiful and bendy young woman. This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Michaela is a stunner

Another great photo shoot with the lovely Michaela. Her body is amazing. Amazing mouth, stunning blue eyes, great breasts, lovely skin – and I could go on….. Great to see her again. Michaela said she would do “something” a little different for her third video. I would watch virtually anything featuring Michaela. This video did a pretty comprehensive tour around Michaela’s spectacular naked body. Michaela said, “Stay tuned for more.” I do hope so! This shoot has 129 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Aussie amateur Sahara

Aussie amateur Sahara certainly is eye catching! In fact, I think I would go so far as to say that she looks super sexy. I love all of her hairy parts and beautiful breasts. Sahara is a very natural girl and well proportioned. Nice pussy close ups of this naked Australian girl. I’m still hard from the peeing shots she done earlier. This shoot has 118 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Jessa plays with her fabulous boobs

Jessa undresses and tries different outfits until she finally settles with a blouse that emphasizes her large breasts. As she begins to undress, we can see she’s wearing delicate red lingerie. Slowly taking her one-piece lingerie off, she pulls it down her long legs and lets it drop to the floor. Laying down completely naked, Jessa giggles as she shows her slender body. OMG, what an excellent photo set and video! Welcome to AW, Jessa, I hope you become a regular. Its great to see a girl who enjoys her tits this much! 19 year old amateur from the USA. This shoot has 214 pictures and a 34 minutes of video for you to download. Continue reading →

Katherine first time posing nude

19 year old Katherine is very lovely. She has a lovely infectious especially that smile. I really like the way her smile combines with her more explicit poses. She gives the impression of being unashamed of her body – and so she should be! Katherine is all around the bed with lots of original poses. a pair of Pink, lacy, see-through Panties. This shoot has 197 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Gema is really cute

This is Gema. To me she is really cute. She has a perfect body. Gema shows a certain dreamy quality but I think there’s fire and fashion there bursting to come out. Gema is very sweet Australian girl. She really is “my” type of girl. Love her smile, her lovely white skin, wow! Perfect breasts too, great poses showing nice undies and a teasing butt. The tattoo means “Tiger Stripes”. This shoot has 108 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Belinda

Australian amateur Belinda strips naked and walks around her garden. One of my favorite solo shoots on the site, she is beautiful. She has nice pert breasts with cute little gumdrop nipples that point slightly skyward. I could admire them for hours. Her small breasts sit quite well on her chest too and are a perfect size. I find myself browsing Belindas’ images weekly for years now! I love her hairy pussy too. Her nicely trimmed pubes almost hide her lovely slit. This Australian amateur has really nice feet with cute little toes. I think the best part is her angelic face and beautiful brown eyes. This shoot has 152 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Sally first time posing nude

Aussie amateur Sally first time posing nude. Girls just don’t come any better than this, Sally you are truly wonderful, beautiful smile, classic feminine body no tattoos or piercings, and pussy hair. I Love you! Sally says in her video, “People don’t see me as the sort of person who would do this!” Yes! A really sexy woman! This shoot has 368 pictures and a 19 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →