Ella Hairbrush in Pussy

Ella toying her pussy with a hairy brush. Then she inserts other things inside her before finger banging her shaved pussy. This Aussie girl loves to be naughty in front of the camera. I love the look on her face. She has such a unique beauty and wonderful red hair. She’s got a great accent. I love hearing her talk.. Her pee videos are some of my favorite. But even if there’s none of that in this video. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude Cleo toying with her hairbrush

Nude Cleo toying with her hairbrush. She is a sexual delight! Super cute, vivacious, extroverted, everything! This is the first AW model I’ve come across who is a sex-worker. Cleo works part-time in a Nevada brothel. In her first video she tells us who she is and where she’s from. What she does in her life. All in a completely natural and unaffected way. She’s a very vivacious and extroverted woman who seems to be very sensible. This shoot has 207 pictures and a 33 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Misha and Rose Australian Girl on Girl

Girl on girl in Australia with Misha and Rose D. This was fantastic. Nice to see Rose in her first lesbian sex shoot. I loved all of the photos of her with the top of her dress pulled down to her waist. Tall blonde Misha left me speechless as always. I checked out the amazing video. Misha wasn’t kidding about ‘creative positions’. That chair is ready sturdy. The room looks rather tiny. But that didn’t exactly stop Misha or Rose. They pretty much used all furniture available. Quite a balancing act. And what a hot couple of desk destroyers.
Tribbing together on that little computer desk. Yikes! Thankfully it withstood the energy of the models. Rose must have been swayed by Misha’s sexiness. This was her first explicit lesbian shoot. Just as the girls said “It was so much sexy fun.” This shoot has 351 pictures and a 59 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Isabel the spunky naked redhead

Isabel the spunky naked redhead. Nice sexy shoot by Isabel showing off her hairy bush. I love her beautiful mane of red hair, and her breasts are pretty yummy too. I just love the way she looks so happy to be displaying her beautiful body. I did a search and I see she appears in a few videos under the name “Shannon”. How comfortable she is being nude. On another website she and two other girls go out to a crowded disco completely naked. She seems so happy to be there with no clothes on! She is a beautiful natural exhibitionist girl! This shoot has 166 pictures and a 11 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

I Could Look At Pretty Keira Nightly

I could look at pretty Keira nightly. Oh man, she’s adorable! What a lovely Australian amateur. Great smile and all that comes with it. She’s a charmer and a natural. Michelle wrote that she didn’t complain once. Even though Toby (female AW photographer) and her took her for a hike in the Australian bush. There with people watching her pose nude. Including a walker that kept hanging around. Toby, Patience, and Sue-Ann took cute Keira out into the bush. Coaxed her out of her summer dress and into a bit of shy talk about herself. One of my all time favorites. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 222 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Fiona using her sex toys

Fiona using her sex toys and giving her pussy a pounding, Very lovely poses. Love the butt plug. She is very playful and nice body angles. A really hot hottie. Nice collection of sex toys. Thanks for all the heat that came from my screen. I counted 25 AW models using a butt plug on AW. More please! This shoot has 218 pictures and a 51 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Ayesha and Elin lesbian scissoring

Ayesha and Elin are both pretty and the sweet, bubbly and lovable. The feelings they share makes it a pleasure watch them have sex. Ayesha’s pussy is no match for the ice. It melts swiftly amidst the tender oral. “You taste delicious and ice cold!” Elin sighs as she licks. We’re able to see the beautiful things Elin is doing to Ayesha’s pussy, Elin remembers that Ayesha loves to be fingered. She slips two inside while vigorously stroking the clit. “I wanna cool you down after your orgasm,” Elin says while the girls are scissoring. She slips another ice cube between their pussies. “Do you want to lie down?” Ayesha asks. “I was gonna sit on your face!” Elin replies with a cheeky grin. “I want to taste you as well!” she cries, and the girls melt into a 69 position. This shoot has 581 pictures and a video for you to download. Continue reading →

Busty young looking Sophie

Busty young looking Sophie is so adorable. Infectious smile and absolutely hypnotizing clitoris! Let me explain. Sophie has a miraculous and very special vulva, become her clitoral hood is big. There’s no doubting that all Abby models are beautiful, each in their own way. But now and then an amateur model comes along gifted with a combination of beauty and personality that makes her just that little bit ‘special’. I cannot help but include Sophie among them. Very sweet face and a very nice protruded vulva. Sophie has also played with 4 different girls in explicit girl on girl hardcore. Also 3 masturbation videos. This shoot has 292 pictures and a 26 minute video for you to download and keep for life.Continue reading →

First timer Caitlin

Isn’t she just lovely? 19 year old Caitlin in her first shoot for Abby Winters. She looks a little nervous at the beginning but the smile comes on her face as her clothes come off her body. This blonde Australian girl has also appeared naked on a trampoline with Joannie unaware that a neighbor was watching them get naked. This shoot has 129 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Girl Girl Tribbing Alessia and Danai

Alessia and Danai look so fit and they look like they are having the time of their lives. They make an absolute perfect pair! They enjoy giving each other pleasure making this girl on girl shoot a dream to watch. Alessia slips off Danai’s panties and both girls take turns putting them in their mouth while kissing. Danai melts as Alessia’s expertly licks her pussy whispering “You look so good down there!” as Danai moans. She makes sure Alessia gets lots of attention in return including face sitting. Alessia always looks so intense when she’s excited. Danai uses her tongue to push her over the edge. This shoot has 294 pictures and a 57 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Elin and Marine girl on girl

Elin and Marine are a perfect pairing for some intimate, unscripted girl on girl. Anal licking before Elin sits on Marine’s face for a mouthwatering oral. Marine leans back to finger Elin’s pussy. Elin declares “You have such a sweet pussy! Your cum tastes so good. I could kiss it all day.” Marine eplies with a smile before turning over for an epic 69. Elin describes exactly how she likes to be licked in the before video. Marine remembers as she gently and insistently licks Elin’s beautiful pussy. One of the absolute best lesbian videos out there! The intimate sex talk is awesome and the 69 is breathtaking. This shoot has 248 pictures and a 65 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Adelle plays with her pussy

Adelle playing with her pussy. It’s hard to tell what I like best about Adelle. Her endearing smile, her well-shaped breasts, her long legs, the lovely curves of her butt, or her delicious pussy that is shown in several close ups. Adelle is absolutely beautiful. How nice it was to hear her talking about herself with that lovely accent in her video! Considering that this naked German girl said she is submissive in sex, what would it take to have her do a bondage shoot? Maybe some handcuffs, and a blindfold? This shoot has 285 pictures and a 40 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Fatima is so enchantingly pretty

Fatima is so enchantingly pretty in her debut shoot for Abby Winters. I’m a sucker for slender women in tight denim shorts. She has a great butt. In fact Fatima’s body is literally perfect. Fatima gets into lots of sexy positions with her legs open so we can admire her gorgeous pussy. This shoot has 220 pictures and a 48 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Girl next door type Ginny naked in the backyard

Ginny is a innocent-looking, nice young girl with a perfect body. It’s those cute innocent-looking ones that turn out to be minxes. I don’t know much about gardening but I wouldn’t mind her in my garden. It would be interesting to see what springs up. I spotted areola erecta, cutis anserina and pubes semidepilata among the blossoms in Ginny’s garden. This shoot has 90 pictures for you to download. Continue reading →

Yasmeena masturbates in the bath tub

Yasmeena masturbates in the bath tub. Simply lovely….curves, hairy, lips…..yum. I love watching her show off her sexy body. She has an absolutely fantastic body, from her lush, pert boobs to her strong, toned legs. She settles in for some lovely masturbation. Fingering her pretty pussy. Building up to a long and intense orgasm that leaves her trembling. This shoot has 259 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Misha and Dahlia multiple orgasms

Misha and Dahlia Giving each other multiple orgasms. Dahlia must be in heaven getting to shoot with Nicole, Chloe B, and now Misha! Dahlia wrote on hte AW forum, “Misha, you are a fucking goddess.” It true. I love this Dutch girl. Dahlia you are beautiful and awesome. I love you for sharing the intensity of your sexy experiences. You must have done something right Misha. Dahlia was VERY tired in the after sex interview video. This shoot has an incredible 565 pictures and a 76 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Danai strips outdoors

Danai is absolutely blessed with a perfect body and brilliant smile. I really enjoyed seeing this gorgeous Canadian girl getting totally naked outdoors. In December too! Danai wrote, “Shooting in the forest was a life-changing experience. I had never been completely nude outdoors, so feeling the fresh air all over my body was extremely sensual and freeing.” This shoot has 218 pictures and a 26 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Elin deep fingering

Elin is so gorgeous with a very Nordic look. OMG, such an erotically intense video! The gorgeous Elin almost had me finishing too early as she played with her fabulous wet pussy (in HD close-up brilliance) as she described her red hot threesome experience! She tells us about a threesome with her current boyfriend and her ex-girlfriend in fine detail. This shoot has 274 pictures and a 46 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Ayesha and Lalia lesbian scissoring and fingering

Ayesha and Lalia lesbian scissoring and fingering. Ayesha and Lalia go well together in a special way, They are a splendid match full of craving, arousal, beauty and passion. The girl girl is a supernova of sexual pleasure. What an honor to watch Laila in her first ever girl-girl sex experience! You are missing a hell of a lot of the action by not seeing their video. This shoot has 238 pictures and a 52 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Girl on Girl Pussy Licking Bisera and Candice

Girl on girl pussy licking Bisera and Candice. These two really go to town on each other, and it’s so hot to watch. Cute little Bisera looks very innocent, but proves again after her hot coupling with Zoey that she’s a firecracker in bed. Candice’s exquisite body and lush breasts flush hot pink as she lays back moaning while Bisera licks and strokes her pretty pussy to an earth-shattering orgasm.. Candice returns the favor by settling her beautiful face between Bisera’s legs and setting to work on her pussy. Before long, Bisera surrenders to the pleasure and cums with transcendent ecstasy. This shoot has 208 pictures and a 60 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Bobbie and Mila lesbian hardcore

Bobbie and Mila in explicit lesbian hardcore shoot. Looking up from Mila’s pussy, Bobbie smiles as she runs her wet tongue over Mila’s exposed clitoris, feeling her tense as she pleasures her. Undressing each other, they kiss passionately, both rushing to expose and explore the other’s naked slender bodies. Entwined together, they use tables and chairs to experiment with positions and raise each other to orgasm! This shoot has 314 pictures and a 74 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Teagan and Ayesha pleasuring each other

Laying on her back, Teagan closes her eyes while Ayesha slowly kisses her way down her slender body, stopping in her pert breasts and softly kissing her nipples. Turning around, Ayesha lays on her back, inviting Teagan to sit on her face so she can devotedly lick her immaculate shaved pussy until Teagan can no longer hold an orgasm. (Source Abby Winters.) Their video is fantastic! They were so inventive and sexy together. This shoot has 254 pictures and a 45 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

French amateur Dominique

French amateur Dominique toying her hairy pussy. She, is a favorite of mine. Dominique has such a lovely face on top of an absolutely amazing body! Her amazing body is probably a result of her athletic workouts with her boyfriend. Check out Dominique sucking his cock before enjoying intimate sex at Abby Winters. This shoot has 343 pictures and a 16 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Kiana posing naked for the first time

Kiana posing naked for the first time. Cute! Look at her eyes and cute dimples. She is a sexy girl and her video is a good one. A nice slow striptease as she unwraps her lovely body. I hope bi-sexual Kiana wants to jump into the girl/girl mix on AW. This shoot has 184 pictures and a 23 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Aussie Laney First Time Modeling Nude

Aussie Laney modelling nude for the first time. What a lovely, beautiful, sexy and intelligent woman! So totally gorgeous in every way. She tells us that only her three close girl friends and her boyfriend know about her nude shoots on AW. She also tells us about her masturbation. She writes, “When it comes to masturbating I find it very hard to orgasm without using a toy. I put this down to discovering an early 90’s Hitachi magic wand style “massager” in my parents’ wardrobe as a kid and secretly (or so I thought) taking it hostage in my room as my own personal orgasm machine for about 10 years.”  So she never learnt to masturbate using her hands until AW. This shoot has 231 pictures and a 29 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →