Sexy Aussie girl on girl with Carly and Carla

A very sexy Aussie girl on girl with Carly and Carla. When it comes to pure eroticism it’s hard to beat the sight of two women kissing while touching themselves or each others pussies. Looks like they are going for the gold here. A beautiful passionate video. The girls are gorgeous. Loved the squeaky bed! Wow, they go off like a rocket. I make no excuses for posting this even though it is from the AW archives. I love Australian girls. This shoot has 245 pictures and a 51 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Anna fingers her pussy

Anna strips naked and fingers her pussy. She is just too cute. She ticks all the boxes for me. Pretty face, petite body, small breasts, shaved and tan lines. Awesome personality. Anna is not afraid to strip naked and play with her pussy. This photo set is a classic and one of my all time favorites. I fell in love with this 18 year old Australian girl. I say well done to the Abby Winters staff for making a beautiful and elegant girl like Anna feel confident enough to agree to this shoot. I have found some extra pictures of her in Backstage 18 where it looks as if she has pissed on the deck. This shoot has 136 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Dominika masturbating on the yoga mat

Dominika looks super sexy masturbating on the yoga mat. Her glorious hair and those adorable eyes sexily gazing into the camera lens. Just as hot as all her lovely rude bits. Dominika is like a princess in a Disney movie but strictly for adults. This image set has 294 pictures and a 33 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Adelle fingering her vagina

German amateur Adelle is absolutely beautiful. Her endearing smile, her well-shaped breasts, her long legs, the lovely curves of her butt, or her delicious pussy that is shown in several close ups. How nice it was to hear Adelle talking about herself with that lovely German accent in her video! Considering that she said she is submissive in sex, what would it take to have her do a bondage shoot? This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie amateur Rebekah

Rebekah is a natural beauty. Dark hair, fair skin with freckles, gorgeous eyes, full breasts and a slim athletic build. Rebekah looks absolutely flawless. I’d say she was air brushed, but I know Abby Winters doesn’t do that. Truly natural beauty. Wow. I’ve been looking forward to Rebekah’s solo after seeing her girl-girl shoot with Carly. This shoot has 128 pictures and a 19 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Misha and Edie girl on girl

Awesome watching Edie going down on Misha while they were lying on the floor. Blue eyes and long legs! Edie and Misha have their long legs spread all over that kitchen floor! I loved all of the glimpses of Misha’s incredible long legs in both the photos and the video. Edie’s lady bits doing water tricks and being penetrated by a banana at the hands of Misha. The video ends with Edie and Misha’s mutual masturbating and with a great view of Edie’s pretty pussy when she has a climax. This shoot has 477 pictures and a 52 minutes video for you to downloadContinue reading →

Liz naked in the kitchen

Liz naked in the kitchen. She is gorgeous. A lovely petite body. A real natural beauty and a great first shoot! She looks so natural and relaxed. Liz has a nice personality, beautiful eyes and a nice smile. I love seeing girls naked around the house. Liz has her first experience with a girl at AW. Masturbating on the bed with Pippa. Check out the video clip here.. This shoot has 261 pictures and a 18 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Gala fingering her hairy pussy

Gala fingering her hairy pussy. Wow, a beautiful girl with a full bush. An amazing Spanish amateur. Amazing lovely, sweet girl. Gala is quite something. Fabulously fit body and personality. One of the most sexy things in the universe is a beautiful young woman pleasuring herself. Her gorgeous body. Small breasts, amazing nipples and fluffy pubic hair. This shoot has 194 pictures and a 49 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Ashley and Ella lesbian hardcore

Ashley and Ella lesbian hardcore experience. They are such a pretty match. The girls undress each other for some explicit, passionate girl on girl sex. Kissing and fingering each other on the pull out bed. The girls get up to lots of sexy positions, including lesbian scissoring. Ashley sits on Ella’s face and her pussy is licked to a very cute orgasm. Ashley is an American amateur who loves being in Amsterdam. This shoot has 307 pictures and a 53 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

First timer posing nude Jaimie

First timer posing nude Jaimie is so pretty! A new and exciting “girl next door”. I love her bright smile and flowing blonde hair. She says in her handwritten note that she was nervous about the video, But she seemed very at ease chatting to the camera while getting naked. Her boobs are absolutely amazing. They are so perfectly shaped and bouncy and soft. I’m very jealous of her friends who use them as pillows. The rest of her body is very sexy,. She seems to love showing it off in detail. This shoot has 200 pictures and a 18 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Rachel how tasty you look

Oh Rachel how tasty you look. Mmmmmmm. Simply delicious. What a hot firm figure this Aussie girl has. I love the freckles too. I think the darker hair makes Rachel look more dramatically sexy. This girl is a knock out. Her coy yet knowing look is tantalizing. Her breasts are superb. As Sue-Ann said, “Rachel is a raunchy and rather mischievous little one indeed”. Yeah. And her video catches Rachel’s beauty in all its glory. She has such captivating facial expressions. I loved how she slowly slipped her dress off in the video, especially the part at the end where she lets it finally fall to the floor. Rachel is at her teasing best in this video. This shoot has 197 pictures and a 11 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Super cool fit Sicilia

Super cool fit Sicilia undressing and spreading for pussy and butt close ups. A sweet personality with a very pretty face. A gorgeously fit and petite figure. Lovely cute breasts and an amazing butt! Oh what a girl! This girl is amazing. You can still bounce a quarter off her stomach. This shoot has 286 pictures and a 44 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Janie is my kind of girl

Janie is my kind of girl. She is beautiful and cute. Pretty Janie has a lot going for her. A twinkle in her eyes, pretty lips, and kissable nipples! Janie is super yummy gorgeous! Yup, Janie’s definitely a pretty gal. Maybe it’s just her but this stills shoot has a warm casual air about it I like. Lovely freckled sun-touched face and those uncombed wet locks of hair fall over some fine breasts. This shoot has 277 pictures and a 19 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Beth toying and peeing

Beth toying and peeing. Abby Winters Beth undresses and toys her pussy. Afterwards some pictures of her pissing standing up. Wow, what a simply gorgeous young Aussie girl. Her breasts couldn’t be any more perfect. 18 year old Beth looks so innocent. I would never imagine her being photographed whilst pissing. There’s also a lesbian sex shoot with lovely Julia. This shoot has 257 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Alyssa and Bisera are fantastic

Alyssa and Bisera are fantastic together. In the before video, Bisera lists the parts of a girl she likes to touch:
There is a great chemistry between them. There isn’t any dull moment in the video. Bisera is such a spunky little firecracker and Alyssa is so charming and down-to-earth and real. Love the moment when Alyssa’s is doggy and Bisera spits on her ass and pussy. Then fingers her pussy. This shoot has 163 pictures and a 61 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Faye is fabulous

Faye is fabulous! Lying in the water wearing her panties Standing up with her wet panties clinging to her every contour of her body. I liked the somewhat unusual location in the shallow water. The green background makes a great contrast to oh so lovely Faye. I’m sure Abby made sure that there were no crocodiles around. Great tan lines, beautiful girl and wet hair. The video feautires Faye walking through the bodies stark naked. It’s awesome. You know when sometimes you are so in to what a model is telling or doing that you actually forget that you are looking at a naked girl? That’s how it is with 18 year old Faye! This shoot has 57 pictures and a 15 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

First time posing nude for Margherita

First time posing nude for Margherita. Beautiful and barefoot! So nice and natural. She is a real cutie-pie and a natural in front of the camera. Awesome close up pics of her pussy. Margherita is a super-sexy young woman. I loved the saucy underwear she was wearing. Her lovely smiley pretty face and her cute butt. A real natural beauty – and a great first shoot! Looks so natural and relaxed. This shoot has 287 pictures and a 51 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Mary and Anca pussy licking and finger banging

Mary and Anca pussy licking and finger banging. They get along famously in this explicit girl on girl. It was Anca who said that she loved shy, cute girls with long, dark hair. The chemistry sparkles throughout the “before sex interview”. Mary takes the lead and ties up Anca’s hands. Mary’s fingers penetrate her hairy bush until she cums. Anca commences a detailed exploration between Mary’s legs: “I like your little pussy a lot, it’s so cute and pink!” After some oral, Anca hugs Mary. She masturbate her to orgasm, kissing her and urging her on: “Cum for me, sweetie!” And Mary does, beautifully. And that is only at the beginning! This shoot has 229 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Charlotte undressing and spreading

Charlotte undressing and spreading. This is a very nice shoot of a beautiful girl. She is one of the three camping girls. I just love this girl. Absolutely beautiful. A nice video from Charlotte as she braves the cold and then rain. Charlotte toys with the buttons before removing her undies and caressing herself. This shoot has 116 pictures and a 17 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Hayley naked outdoors

Hayley’s dark little nipples sit perfectly centre on her full, pert, ski-jump breasts. But you won’t find that out until she unhooks and unzips her pretty red dress and chooses to reveal everything to you..yummy! Hayley is drop dead gorgeous, long legs, a great ass, great smile – even dimples! She’s perfect! Hayley’s smile is as bright as the sun. No doubt that she is super cute, I’d even say beautiful with a small well proportioned body. So many stunning features to this nude Australian girl. Lovely smile, stunning eyes, hair, on and on! Glad to see video focused on her best asset, what a tush on this girl! This shoot has 167 pictures and a 9 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Billie strokes her hairy pussy

Billie’s smile gets me every time. What a very lovely woman with an understated sex appeal. Yum yum. Billie is the kind of girl you pass on the street and think, man I’d love to see her naked. This Aussie amateur is gorgeous! I love her bright, sparkling eyes. Jet black hair and sweetly sunny personality. Her breasts are absolutely captivating and her skin looks so soft. She’s very sweet to keep her legs open and let us admire her beautiful pussy. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Redhead Elisa With Full Natural Breasts

Holly Molly!!! We have a winner. What a beautiful and stunning woman. Debut for lovely, cute, funny Elisa! Amateur redheads posing nude are always welcome. Her boobs are simply perfect. It took my breath away when she let them swing. She has an amazingly pretty pink pussy. Covered with lovely pubic hair. Elisa leaves no doubt that she is English. She confesses that her post-masturbation routine includes tea and biscuits. She masturbates to an intense orgasm on her video. It’s great to meet Elisa knowing that she’s already had lesbian sex with lovely Hania and Flora and masturbated with darling Anahi. This shoot has 244 pictures and a 42 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Pascal finger banging her hairy pussy

Pascal finger banging her hairy pussy. Oh Yeah! Couldn’t wait for her to get naked. This is a very nice shoot of a gorgeous girl. Her eyes are daring you to look, and I liked what I see. Real girls are definitely sexier than models. I really enjoyed watching Pascal playing with herself. Looking forward to hearing Pascal talk and watching her masturbate in the video. This shoot has 280 pictures and a 46 minute video to download.  Continue reading →

Nude Camping girls

Camping just got a whole lot more awesome. Who knew that three super sexy Australian girls could liven up a camping experience? Threesome girl on girl with kissing and groping each other. Juliette, Joanna and Charlotte enjoying each others company under the stars. This shoot has 425 pictures and a 40 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Zoey has such a great figure!

Zoey has such a great figure! Her butt is nicely shaped. But, I think her pretty face is her best feature. A slippery when wet Zoey. I love the wet hair look. In fact I am even going to opine that she looks even lovelier without glasses. A real natural beauty. Zoey’s body is certainly worthy of as much love and admiration as possible. This shoot has 251 pictures and a 22 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →