Amateur Aussie girl Sarah strips and spreads

Amateur Aussie girl Sarah B is a real cutie. Her looks put puts Bambi to shame. I don’t understand how she manages to be so perfect. Sarah B is amazing with her eyes and infectious smile. She has a lovely teasing look in her eyes as she undresses. A newbie model pulling down her panties and exposing her hairy pussy for the first time and only at Abby Winters. Shy, sexy, Sarah is a sweetheart in her debut video. This shoot has 153 pictures and a 17 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

18 year old Alena is fabulous

18 year old busty Alena is fabulous. A must see video. Lovely to see and hear Alena. I go along with Sue-Ann about Alena’s superb boobs. Great to hear that Alena is proud of her freckles. Her smile is just radiant. She has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves. What a perfect bush! I’m speechless. All I can think to say is “Wow!” OK, I’ve caught my breath. I can think of a little more. Alena is a beautiful, elegant young woman. She’s typical of the sweet, wholesome amateurs found on Abby Winters. What a knockout! Adorable and sexy Aussie girl. This shoot has 157 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Malena and Tiffany hairy pussy licking and finger banging

Malena and Tiffany hairy pussy licking and finger banging. They go well together in a special way. Tiffany seems to like Malena’s striking dark eyes and toned physique. Malena with Tiffany’s inverted nipples and her long and beautiful labia. Tiffany gives Malena a wonderfully intense orgasm with her fingers and tongue. Malena sits back with her legs behind her head. Tiffany stands over her as the girls finger each other deeply. Tiffany manages to cum standing up. The girls wrap things up with intense lesbian scissoring. Somehow they manage to cum together. The pictures only tell a small part of the story. Check out the video for the lesbian sex and the before and after interview. This shoot has 244 pictures and a 54 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Charlee fingers her clit through her hairy bush

The lovely Charlee fingers her clit through her hairy bush. She is so articulate, so sexy. She makes awesome, intimate videos. I love listening to her talk about the things that get her aroused. Fantasizing about public sex and orgies. I loved hearing that her friends are shocked that she would do nude modeling. But they like looking at her photos. I loved the part of the video where you were licking your nipples. This shoot has 199 pictures and a 46 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Girl Girl tribbing Holly and Sabrina

Some of the hottest and most passionate pussy eating I have seen in a long time. Holly and Sabrina are so pretty. It’s a joy to watch them have sex! Sabrina’s oral sex technique is exquisite. Holly always looks so intense when she cums. Her whole body jolting. Sabrina giggles at how intense and wet Holly’s orgasm was. Holly’s turn to give a master class in pussy licking. Laying Sabrina on the floor and burying her face between Sabina’s thighs. After 69, Sabrina bends Holly over the couch. Her fingers penetrate Holly’s pussy hard in doggy. Holly’s second orgasm is even more intense than the first. Some epic tribbing. Holly and Sabrina throwing their whole bodies into making their pussies grind together. This shoot has 243 pictures and a 37 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Labia sucking Bisera and Zoey

Bisera and Zoey look great together. Labia sucking! Zoey gently sucks her partner’s erected nipple, while Bisera furtively slides her hand into Zoey’s shorts, squeezing her crouch. Zoey takes off her nerdy glasses and put them on Bisera’s nose, taking in her thoughtful look and alert dark eyes. Hugging her partner from behind, Zoey wraps her fingers around Bisera’s underwear, pulling them up to stimulate her intimate parts. Bisera pulls down Zoey’s pants exposing her hairy crouch and starts exploring her vagina with much pleasure. This shoot has 294 pictures and a 56 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Ava plays with her strap on dildo

Ava is such a cute natural looking girl with a hairy bush. Her “kinky” side is bit of a surprise, but no way an unpleasant one. Seems she’s okay for lesbian hardcore shoots as well. There are a couple of “Points” that Stand Out about Ava. Love her puffy nipples. Ava has all the right stuff for blowing my mind! Good looking girl with little puffies and a fantastic hairy bush! Ava, please marry me! This shoot has 417 pictures and a 23 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Bobbie and Luciana girl on girl

Bobbie says that she and Luciana had great chemistry. Luciana writes that it felt like being with a friend. Bobbie’s first climax was standing astride Luciana’s face. Receive deep fingering and licking, “Oh, I’m gonna cum from this!” Bobbie moans. Luciana murmurs “Oh yes, I want you to cum in my face!” Then she buries her face between Bobbie’s legs. Bobbie later gets penetrated in doggy to another great orgasm. Bobbie, our lovable superstar model turned brilliantly talented AW photographer. Paired with phenomenally sexy girl-girl newbie Luciana. This shoot has 218 pictures and a 58 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Holy smokes Zane naked

Holy smokes! Zane is stunning and a fan favorite among both men and women. My crush on Zane is getting woooorse, you guys. Have you seen her incredibly sexy new pics? Her gaze is seriously enough to melt any heart. Zane has one of the most stunningly beautiful bodies in Abbyland. Her gorgeous butt with her edible pussy. Her eyes, face and hair are equally alluring. Zane, is so beautiful it’s unreal! This shoot has 214 pictures and a 36 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

First timer Jade punishing her pussy

First timer Jade punishing her pussy. Jade is a beautiful young lady in her first shoot for AW. Naked, she shows us how she caresses her clitoris her fingers. Gasping as she inserts them deep inside her pussy. Trying various positions as she masturbates. Her fingers are not enough. Jade reaches for her make-up for something to push inside her. Using them until she reaches an intense orgasm. Jade’s face conveying the purpose at hand completely. A real natural beauty and a great first shoot! Looks so natural and relaxed. Amazing video. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Backstage pictures from Abby Winters

Abby Winters Backstage 289 pictures. Two shoots worth of images for your viewing pleasure. First we’re going to visit Annalisa and Mandy M on set for their girl on girl. Shooting in a open sided building the weather turns cold and they all end up wrapped under sleeping bags to keep warm. Then we move to Jackie shooting Immie’s solo. Talking about Immie’s stunning eye’s Jackie and the shoot team can’t speak more highly of this beautiful model. This shoot has 99 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Elin toying at home

Elin is so gorgeous! A gorgeous Scandinavian blonde goddess! She takes off her panties and lays completely naked on a yoga mat. She pushes her toy inside her pussy, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling. Using her fingers, she rubs herself and has a breathing orgasm. Wow! They really hit the mark. This shoot has 208 pictures and a 45 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Cleo and Kalie finger banging and 69

Cleo and Kalie lesbian hardcore with finger banging and pussy licking. Cleo lays on her back, closes her eyes. Naked Kalie sits on her face pushing her moist pussy towards Cleo’s mouth She licks her passionately. They move into a 69 position. Both girls finger bang each other to orgasm. “She’s just so pretty and so cute and I really love playing with her! Oh, just look at her!” Kalie says in the after interview. This was Cleo’s first AW girl-girl. She’d only started having sex with girls within the previous year. Much of Kalie’s sexual history has been with girls. I loved the part in the video when Cleo is blindfolded by Kalie. She is penetrated hard in doggy to a shuddering climax. Then they melt into some gently romantic tribbing. “I want to eat your pussy again: and you can eat mine, too!” Cleo says. Awesome lesbian video. This shoot has 240 pictures and a 62 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Holly and Kalie finger banging

Holly and Kalie finger banging and pussy licking. Holy Moses. This is awesome. Aussie girl Holly matches up perfectly with ravishingly gorgeous Kalie. This is her first lesbian hardcor shoot. Dropping on all fours, Holly closes her eyes as she feels Kalie’s fingers playing with her pussy. Finger banging her from behind. Faster and faster until Holly has an orgasm. Kalie leans back with her legs wide open. Ready for Holly’s tongue and skilled fingers. Intimate eye contact as Kalie cums with a gorgeous orgasm. “Would you like me to sit on your face?” Holly asks. “Oh, I would very much like that!” Kalie replies. Oh yeah! We would all like that. Watching Kalie and Holly have sex is so, so nice. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 58 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Stella toying her wet pussy

Stella toying her wet pussy. She looks and sounds completely gorgeous. Laying naked on her bed and playing with her wet pussy. Stella grabs her favorite dildo and rubbing it against her vulva she can’t help but bite her lips when she pushes it inside her wet pussy. Continuing to use it until she can no longer hold an orgasm. The video is super erotic and a feast for the eyes and the ears. The sound of her dildo going in and out of her wet pussy is very sexy. This image set has 212 pictures and a 47 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Billie and Ivanna birthday lesbian sex

Ivanna enjoys lesbian sex with Billie on her birthday. Wow another hot explicit girl on girl. This time involving the beautiful Billie T and of course the equally beautiful Ivanna. This is a very special shoot as it was Ivanna’s birthday! Judging from the video preview, looks like she’s enjoying her “present”. Billie is one of my all time favorites – a true girl next door model. This image set has 271 pictures and a 51 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Newbie Anabelle posing naked

Newbie Anabelle posing naked. She is absolutely adorable. Her pleasant and playful personality is topped off by her wonderfully charming smile. A unique and truly beautiful model. Long legs and a super cute butt to boot! Newbie Anabelle looked at ease posing nude and playing with her pussy. I hope there are more shoots to come! This shoot has 218 pictures and a 33 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian redhead Isabel

Australian amateur Isabel gets my nomination as “Bush Of The Year”. What do you think? She is one beautiful woman. This Aussie amateur. Her lush, full breasts are simply perfect. She’s very proud of her long, pretty red pubes. This Aussie amateur is a darling. An instant favorite. Isabel is gorgeous! She has done some shoots in Eastern Europe. In one shoot she is leading a few other girls (naked, of course) in Salsa dancing, just like in the Abby Winters video. This shoot has 116 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Twelve Australian girls skinny dipping

Twelve Australian girls skinny dipping (bathing nude). My kind of pool party. Is this for a Guinness book of records attempt or something? Nude pool cramming. There’s some gorgeous Aussie girls in this set! I watched the Abby Winters Pool Girls. What else can I say but, WOW! It is a great video. I loved to watch the girls on top of each others shoulders and wrestling against each other. This shoot has 503 pictures and a 20 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Hayley and Mei lesbian sex in the garage

Hayley and Mei lesbian sex in the garage! These two are just stunning together! This is Hayley’s first explicit girl on girl shoot and it’s with exotic, sexy, little Mei. Couldn’t be better. Awesome video and the backstage videos are always a special part of the shoots for me and this one is a real favorite – relaxed and affectionate, rounding out these lovely young ladies, and letting me feel a bit like I’m there. This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Evelina naked and peeing in the forest

Evelina naked and peeing in the forest. she is like a wood nymh isn’t she? A naughty, tree-climbing nymph. She tells that a man came out of nowhere in the forest. He just couldn’t stop staring at her as she was naked. The photographer asked him to leave several times before he finally did. She said, “I mean, yeah I understand that you don’t see naked woman climbing on the trees everyday, but it was still slightly annoying.” This shoot has 139 pictures and a 13 minutes video for you to downloadContinue reading →

Gretchen flashing outdoors

Gretchen flashing outdoors in her hometown. Our darling Gretchen is just so naughty and adorable! She was the perfect choice for this type of shoot. I love her personality. Her masturbation session in the fitting room was very hot and its sexy to know she’s made a habit of touching herself in public. I especially loved her cute closeup of her smiling face after she orgasms. Fun video. I love listening to her talk as she goes about her adventure. She clearly enjoyed chatting with us. Awesome. When she was sitting on the steps. I kept wanting to holler out as the folks in the street kept happening by. “Watch out Gretchen. Someone else is coming!” Definitely fun stuff! This shoot has 113 pictures and a 28 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Karlijn and Mina lesbian flirting and scissoring

Karlijn and Mina lesbian flirting and scissoring. These two looked absolutely gorgeous together! You can see the chemistry between them in the pictures. “Having sex with girls is always fun,” says Karlijn at the end, summing up a very pretty girl-girl debut from both of these lovely young ladies! They are so sweet and gentle with each other. Both girls are so open about telling their partner what they need. Karlijn directs Mina to move her tongue lower during oral. Mina sweetly asks Karlijn to be licked and fingered at the same time. Being on the same wavelength pays off beautifully, with an impressive five orgasms between them in a relatively short 35-minute video! This shoot has 378 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Carmina and Fenna lesbian anal fingering

Carmina and Fenna are a perfect lesbian pairing. Pleasuring each other with scissoring and anal fingering. This was a great pairing and I loved the interaction between Fenna and Carmina. Both are cute and sensuous and gave us some very erotic play to watch. Isn’t blond Carmina just awesome? Great to see her pretty smile and sexy little body in her debut girl on girl shoot! Fenna is the leader in their little sex romp. Naked, Fenna’s got a spectacular figure. When dressed, she wears something great to get started. She looked really hot in those tight red pants! This shoot has 384 pictures and a 60 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Newbie Alannah toying her hairy pussy

Newbie Alannah toying her hairy pussy. She has a beautiful face and a very sexy body. Lovely small breasts that need my attention. She seems to love showing that body. Her skin is flawless, with no tattoos. Laying naked on the bed. Alannah uses the fingers to massage her clit. Next up is Alannah with her favorite sex toy. She carries on masturbating. Moaning in pleasure as she feels a powerful orgasm coming. Awesome video. This shoot has 138 pictures and a 24 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →