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Laney and Ella ripping off clothes for lesbian sex. Awesome Australian girl on girl. I loved watching them finally break their sexual tension! And if clothing had to be torn, it was done for a great cause. Both girls have wonderfully pretty faces that look amazing buried in each others’ gorgeous pussies. The girls looked great together and got into lots of different positions, which is always great to see. You are missing a lot if you don’t see the 74 minute video. This shoot has 388 pictures and a 74 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Lovely amateur model Analyn toying her hairy pussy. The beautiful Asian Analyn wants to share something really special with us. Its her first time using a dildo ever in her life. Her tanned body, small pert breasts and wonderful full bush of pubes looks gorgeous against the stark white of the bedroom. Reaching to unwrap her new toy and totally new experience, you know your seeing something very rare and very beautiful. Analyn is so lovely! Oh my goodness, her smile is just radiant. She has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves. She clearly loves sharing it with us. The girl’s even more stunning on video! This shoot has 310 pictures and a 17 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Holly and Lucia intense lesbian sex. Holly and Lucia are a match made in heaven. There’s so much kissing and nipple sucking and licking of armpits. Lucia wastes no time getting her first taste of Holly’s beautiful pussy. Holly has let all her girl-girl partners know that she needs to spread her legs wide to cum. This always results in breathtakingly sexy camera angles. Holly absolutely worships Lucia’s perfect, soft breasts. She looks gorgeous with her pretty face buried between Lucia’s legs. Her glasses bouncing on her nose as she plunges her tongue deep inside Lucia’s hairy pussy. The girls absolutely cannot keep their hands off each other, There are plenty of pretty positions from doggy to tribbing, facesitting to 69. “I liked that she gave me so many orgasms! I think I came three times at least!” Holly says with a giggle after. “Every single time, I thought oh OK, I’m done now…oh, no I’m gonna cum again!” This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Anabelle and Maylin finger banging each others pussy. Oh yea! I love watching Maylin pull down Annabelle’s panties and lick her shaved pussy. She then fondles her breasts as Anabelle fingers her from behind. Anabelle and Maylin make an awesome couple. We have been waiting for Annabelle to do a lesbian shoot. “I really like to please women orally while fingering them!” Anabelle said in one of her solos. “I like to lick their nipples and then go further down to eat them out until they cum!” She looks beautiful going down on Maylin, using all of her mouth to pleasure her new friend’s pretty pussy with her finger deep inside. Later on a cute 69 where they can finger each other until they cum at the same time. This image set has 324 pictures and a 31 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Kylee looks great in and out of her Kookai’s. There is even a stray tennis ball in honor of the Australian open. Kylee is definitely one of the prettiest girls on this site. It must have been a cool day for a shoot – poor Kylee seems to have goose-bumps on her breasts. Kylee is gorgeous and it’s great to see her showing us her lovely body once more. I love the sequence in her video where we get a wonderful tour of her pretty little pussy. This shoot has 154 pictures and a 10 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Anabelle spreads for pussy close ups. She is absolutely enchanting! Her first shoot shoot was awesome. So nice to get to know how sweet and friendly she is. This shoot is even more fabulous and amazing. The glasses and more intimately sexy poses. Annabelle is so sexy. It’s great to hear that she never wears a bra because she loves letting people see her nipples through her T-shirt. My type of girl. She spends much of this video with her long legs open inviting us to admire her shaved pussy. Anabelle plays with her pretty pink labia. Shearing stores about how she loves sex with boys and girls, in different ways. This shoot has 182 pictures and a 29 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Gretchen and Yara. Such great chemistry between these two! I loved the mischievous smile on Gretchen’s face where she paused to kiss Yara’s thighs after she had started going down on her, so beautiful. The handwritten bios say it all for this one. Yara: “I had one of the most insane, longest orgasms of my life. That was amazing. Gretchen has a lot of horny, intense sexual energy. I love that.” Gretchen: “I’m so happy that we took the time to have the orgasms we deserve! It was a great pleasure to watch Yara come.” So good to have German amateur Gretchen back again and I can’t get enough of 19 year old Yara. Two beautiful young women. The chemistry was fantastic and the sex was hot. Sizzling!This shoot has 305 pictures and a 58 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Busty Australian Paula. What else can I say, another excellent set of 18 year old Paula and she’s as beautiful as ever. She is definitely one of hottest girls on Abby Winters. I seen most of Paula and she is awesome. What can I say. I like nice girls on the outside who are naughty on the inside. In one of his short stories, written long before the scandal, Woody Allen described a female character as having “a body that not only didn’t quit, but worked overtime” matches that description! This shoot has 214 pictures and a 33 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Janie is an absolute dream girl. Fecking incredible. Jamie is beautiful and cute. An atmospheric straight-from-the-beach summer feel to this shoot. For someone who said she was “very nervous” it was fine relaxed fun video interview with Patience. I enjoyed watching her play with her dildo in her video. This shoot has 170 pictures and a 14 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Evelina has a nice start at AW with a hardcore girl on girl shoot. It’s always nice to see Carmina. She seems to have a lot of fun on her shoots. She has a beautiful, sexy body and speaks with a sexy accent. Lots of wonderful kissing by Carmina and Evelina through the first part of the video. I’m certain Carmina fingered Evelina to several hot orgasms. The 69 that followed was terrific too. Great duo. As always Carmina is amazing and Evelina’s first appearance is promising. A delicious scene between two gorgeously sexy young women. Lucky Carmina, taking Evelina’s lesbian cherry – and lucky Evelina, having her first GG experience with such a beautiful and skilled partner!! This shoot has 259 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →