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Nude girl Lily fingering her pussy. She’s from Australia and she’s eighteen. Lily is adorable, good looking, nice figure and she has all it takes. She is a lovely-looking girl. Not at all shy about showing her body in intimate detail. Lily is cutely delicious indeed! And the video is great. If you like hearing girls talking about sex you’re in for a treat. I love the pictures and video!! Seeing Lily enjoying herself was a pleasure. This shoot has 317 pictures and a 43 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Annabelle Lee and Aletta girl on girl

Two awesome girls! Annabelle Lee is always fantastic doing girl on girl. To see her partnered with the exciting and exquisite newbie Aletta, is great. Annabelle Lee knows exactly what she wants and guides her partner so she gets it. But she also seems to know exactly what her partner wants and “tongue tornado…the cunnilingus cyclone….” is a perfect name for her. Wonderful duo. Sensual and hot. All signs indicate that Aletta now loves pussy as much as cock. This shoot has 261 pictures and a 53 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Gotta love fitness! Twenty Aussie girls get naked for gym training on the fit balls. What an awesome workout on the balls and with so many naked girls! These girls had an amazing workout. Can anyone identify the girls whose pussies were dribbling girl-cum? Holy crap that is a lot of naked girls. The part where they pass balls along lines using their legs is spectacular. I love this set. Absolutely fabulous ! That’s why I love the Abby Winters website. This shoot has 614 pictures and a 174 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie amateur Isabel naked by the river

Aussie amateur Isabel is stunning, absolutely breathtaking and so completely comfortable with her body and surroundings. Abby Winters girls, outdoors in nature, does have a magical quality! I just love the way she looks so happy to be displaying her beautiful body – a Goddess indeed! The lovely Isabel has done some nudie stuff for another video company in Australia under the name `Shannon’. This includes being kissed and stroked by a naked girl-friend on the bed! I’ve also seen her nude in public where she walks around the streets of a city stark naked. This shoot has 92 pictures and a 21 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Carmen and Beatrix lesbian hardcore

Carmen and Beatrix lesbian hardcore. First time making out with a girl. There’s only one thing sexier than an Abby Winters girl-girl shoot, and that’s a shoot where one of the models is touching and licking a girl for the very first time. Beatrix was the lucky girl to break in Carmen. “This was your first time having sex with a girl, Carmen?” Beatrix asks. “Yes, it was my first time, and I think I will only have sex with girls!” Carmen replies. The girls made each other feel so good and the sexiness is complimented with: “Wow, that was amazing!” “You are perfect! Thank you!” It’s clear that this is an experience both girls will never forget. The after video is very nice as well, since Carmen looks utterly exhausted and barely able to speak after her spectacular orgasms. This shoot has 305 pictures and a 59 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Jacey

Australian amateur Jacey is such a cutie with a lovely smile. In this beautiful outdoor shoot, petite super-cutie Jacey is attired so bright and cheery in her pretty flower dress, blue and pink bra, and hot pink knickers. Don’t you love her face? Jacey is an excellent fresh faced find and I really liked her nervous charm. Fine fair skin, nice slim body and such a great beaming smile. Those hard nipples and some explicit posing put more than a bit of sexiness into this shoot. I agree that “I get to be myself… I feel really free when I get to take my clothes off” is the perfect reason to do an Abby Winters shoot. This shoot of 18 year old Jacey has a 178 images and a 10 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Abby Winters Yoga Girls

Abby Winters Yoga Girls. Oh WOW- I’m almost lost for words……truly spectacular…. Sixteen young Aussie girls.. Abby Winters couldn’t have picked a better group of girls. They are all so lovely and gorgeous! Needless to say, one of my favorite shoots ever! I love the video’s. These video’s not only show models having a gay (Meaning happy) time before and after the shoot but a bit of a hint of what the Abby Crew do to get the shoot ready. The backstage videos are so much fun, I will need to watch them again! Life doesn’t get any better than this backstage video. This shoot has 303 pictures and a 36 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Alex and Carissa girl on girl

A beautiful pair of redheads, and Alex with a hairy bush. Two Australian girls, Alex and Carissa in an intimate girl on girl.  Alex T. in this shoot said it was her first time with a girl which definitely adds a lot to my interest. Alex and Carissa are extremely attractive, of course. Thanks for the great shoot and videos.  This shoot has 237 pictures and a 35 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Frida with pierced nipple and clit

Real amateur Frida with pierced nipple and clit. The look in her eyes, the smile, the dimples. I could fall in love with that face alone! I couldn’t help posting one of my favorite amateurs from the AW archives. Does it hurt when you have your nipples pieced? Frida did reply in the AW forum writing “Yes, as I said in the vid, the nipple piercing was the most painful of all of them!” What about the clit piercing Frida? She replied, “The clit piercing wasn’t painful at all. So easy! I can recommend it to all the girls who are thinking of getting one-its geat! Ok, it doesn’t really contribute to the sexual satisfaction, at the end of the day its just jewellery, but its also not disturbing and guys love it!!-its totally different to the one on the nipple! That one will always be more sensitive! This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download. Continue reading →

Kylie fingers her pussy outdoors

The goddess Kylie’s first outdoor shoot is a thing of beauty. 19 year old Kylie is lucky (as are we) because she has lots of different looks, she can do cute… geeky… sexy… hot… and now sultry. I can just visualize Kylie’s famous smile as she is watching her video. I’m so certain it will be one of her favorites…it’s become one of my fav Kylie shoots. The natural setting and Kylie’s natural beauty definitely go hand in hand. This shoot has 197 pictures and a 24 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Stephanie first time posing nude

Stephanie first time posing nude. I really, really love Stephanie J. Pretty green eyes and I liked her slender curves. Great figure and absolutely beautiful breasts. This 18 year old Australian is joined by Naomi in her video. Two gorgeous and lithe young women. Unscripted, natural, and spontaneous! The boob comparison scene between the two friends that was an eye-opener (in a good way). I don’t know if that was, really, Stephanie’s first girl-kiss but I don’t care. It was sweet! This shoot has 186 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

First timer Simone from Australia

First timer Simone from Australia stripping naked at home. A real girl next door taking off her clothes and spreading her legs. I have to say Simone is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the combination of the hair and the eyes. Perfect little smile and a killer body to compliment everything else. Lovely 18 year old willing to strip and show us her hairy pussy. I have a crush on this lady! She’s gorgeous! Going down on a girl like this reminds of the pubic air getting caught in my teeth. This shoot has 89 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Anabelle, Maylin and Sienna lesbian threesome

Oh wow, Anabelle, Maylin and Sienna lesbian threesome. It must be Christmas. Lovely Anabelle lets Sienna lay on top of her while kissing her breasts. Then she opens herself her legs for Maylin. She licks her hairy pussy and finger bangs her pussy. Redhead Anabelle grabs Sienna’s butt while sitting on her face. Maylin in the meantime is humping Anabelle and making out with Sienna. Fingering, face sitting, pussy licking, lesbian scissoring awesomeness. Girl on Girl squirting threesome Anabelle, Maylin and Sienna. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Arienne exposes her hairy bush

Arienne exposes her hairy bush. OMG, she is a hottie! French speaking Arienne is perfection!!! Just beautiful…what a heavenly body and angelic face!!! Gorgeous eyes, hair, lips, smallish tits, natural bush and just the right amount of pit fuzz! Yummmy!! She is an absolute goddess. Arienne is an absolute stunner. She ticks all my boxes, brunette, long hair, beautiful eyes, full lips, curves, small breasts, pubes and a perfect bum. Oh, and she’s wearing a checked shirt. Yes, I know, weird fetish. Arienne’s video surpasses even her outstanding stills set – charisma, presence, whatever you like to call it, she’s got it. AW member Netherlands says she’s Belgian. Others says she’s French – anyway, I can’t help but love the accent. This shoot has 140 pictures and a 13 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Tall busty Michaela

Michaela, a young women with plenty of charm, beauty and sensuality. Extremely attractive. She has one of the most amazing looking bushes I have ever seen. It would be amazing to see her pussy hair fully grown with no trimming. Michaela has the cool blonde look about her – actually what she has is the look of a seriously beautiful model. Pretty face, great boobs, fine long legs and an amazing hairy pussy. This shoot has 126 pictures and a 12 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kristal nude outdoors

Aussie girl Kristal nude outdoors. Her smile is as bright as the sunshine and a lot warmer. What a gorgeous girl you are Kristal.  Such a beautiful face and when you smile – WOW! Love the tan and especially the tan lines which show that you don’t normally do this sort of thing or even go topless on the beach which makes it all the more special to see you here. After watching her video in which Kristal looks stunning again, her laughter reminded me of Candace’s who is also a stunning model. Great breasts, super body, and nice bush. This shoot has 138 pictures and an 18 minute video for you to download.
 … Continue reading →

Agnia punishes her pussy with her dildo

Agnia closes her eyes and pushes her favorite dildo inside her wet pussy. The tip of her fingers moves towards her clit, massaging it delicately while she continues to push her dildo in and out, moaning as she gets closer to an intense orgasm. A splendid debut from Natasha, absolutely beautiful, seemingly confident and relaxed. This shoot has 248 pictures and a 34 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Adorable and cute Paola

It’s such a pleasure to watch (and listen to) the adorably and very cute Paola! The bit were she has a vaginal fart and gets all embarrassed about it was delightful! >Paola looks so comfortable and happy when she’s naked, caressing her perfect, small breasts and generously showing off her hairy pussy. Most of the video is with her legs open, with Paola running her fingers through her cute pubic hair and lovingly stroking and twisting her beautiful labia. This shoot has 216 pictures and a 29 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Girls making porn together

I mentioned earlier that Abby Winters employs girls to photograph and video their amateur models.  They also make behind the scenes videos and picture sets. These pictures are from backstage 404. This image set has 115 pictures for you to download. Here is a backdoor link to more images and preview video here →Continue reading →

Nude Danna spreads her legs exposing her shaved pussy

Danna shows her nude flexible body. She is a beautiful woman with a wonderful fit body. Dana shows off some incredible flexible moves of her gorgeous fit body. I had such a sexy time watching Danna pleasure herself. On the couch, Danna pulls apart her fishnet stockings. Exposing her full bush, she begins to masturbate. Rubbing her fingers against her wet pussy and fingering her clitoris. This shoot has 165 pictures and a 33 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Awesome Aussie girl Carla

Awesome Aussie girl Carla. Hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. Lovely. Her wild I-just-got-out-of-bed hair flops into her eyes but it can’t hide her killer smile! Carla is right up there in AW’s “winner’s circle”. what a fantastic body she has. I love her ass, her sexy hips and her nice flat stomach. A truly splendid video, it is a joy to see and hear Carla talk about her sexual preferences, sex in the Uni library and what she like in the bedroom. She then undresses and in Sue-Ann’s words treats us to some “blistering sexuality” as she sits on her chair and plays. Carla wrote in the AW forum, “If i do say so myself this was a beautiful and very fun to shoot. Its was a very warm day and being outside naked was an experience.” This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Bronte first time posing nude

Bronte is a shy girl, but a very sexy one. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. This Australian amateur is an absolute cutie. I love her beautiful breasts. She has the most alluring natural bush that I have seen in a long time. Such pretty eyes and very nice breasts. Gorgeous girl,and an enjoyable video. This shoot has 166 pictures and a 14 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Five nude Australian girls

Imagine if five nude Australian  girls found themselves alone in the Laundromat on an obviously slow day. And the girl’s clothes were all oh-so dirty. They better just take them all off and get everything clean. The excitement of being alone and naked in such a public space gets them all feeling horny. Where will it all lead? Thanks to the five lovely naked Australian girls and their wonderful, light-hearted, and very sexy performances. This is a really happy, fun video. This shoot has 233 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Misha showers and plays with her pussy

Misha showers and plays with her pussy. Misha is so beautiful, can never get enough of her. She’s a very sweet girl with a beautiful body and a very pretty face. This Dutch girl is stunning with an awesome personality. Misha is one of my all time favs. This shoot has 232 pictures and a 13 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →