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Ashley and Ella lesbian hardcore experience. They are such a pretty match. The girls undress each other for some explicit, passionate girl on girl sex. Kissing and fingering each other on the pull out bed. The girls get up to lots of sexy positions, including lesbian scissoring. Ashley sits on Ella’s face and her pussy is licked to a very cute orgasm. Ashley is an American amateur who loves being in Amsterdam. This shoot has 307 pictures and a 53 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Giada undresses and spreads her legs

Italian amateur Giada undresses and spreads her legs. Great video. She talks about herself whilst fixing her hair. Moving around the floor of her apartment wearing a short skirt and flashes her panties. Lovely butt. What a tease you are Giada. No bra under your top and I really want to come up behind you give your firm titties some tending loving care. First with my hands and then my tongue. She slips off her skirt. Giada spreads her long legs and takes off her top. She’s talking about something but I am totally fixed on her awesome body. Naked she does some running on the spot, full frontal, her breasts bouncing up and down. OMG. Giada opens her legs wide and gives us plenty of up close views of her shaved pussy. She looks so amazing. This shoot has 175 pictures and 31 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Hairy pussy Kate playing with a rope during her nude shoot. It starts with her smiling seductively in her night gown. Undoing her bra, we see her firm breasts and puffy nipples. Laying completely naked, Kate caresses her long pubic hair and squeezes her breasts. She plays with a rope. The rough edges rub against her wet pussy. I have to confess Kate’s video really did hit my dick hard! Kate is so adorable. It can be a bit surprising to hear her talk about her love of rope play, bondage and rough sex, but that only makes her sexier. Awesome video. She’s mentioned in past videos that her love of pleasuring people extends to everyone who enjoys watching her shoots. “Feel free to jerk off to my pictures!” she said in her first shoot. “If you do, if it works for you, tell me about it, because I’d love to know that I’m doing something right. It would turn me on to know that I’ve been able to make you cum!” Consider it done, Kate! This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download to your home PC.Continue reading →

First timer Lissa showing us her hairy pussy and tight butt hole.

First timer Lissa showing us her hairy pussy and tight butt hole. Lissa is so lovely. She has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves and she clearly loves sharing it with us. She has the loveliest smile. Her pictures don’t do her justice. She has such a lovely personality as we quickly find out as she shows us around her apartment before stripping naked. Walking around in her bra and panties watering her plants and talking about herself. Sitting on the floor, Lissa pulls up her bra and panties and we get close ups of her fingering her pussy. She goes on all fours to show us her tight butt hole. I would have loved to have heard more about her crazy day in Barcelona with a guy who fucked her all day. Get to know her properly in the video! This shoot has 186 pictures and 51 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Amalia using her fingers and sex toy

Amalia using her fingers and sex toy in her debut shoot on AW. Relaxing naked on the couch, Amalia opens her legs wide. She begins by pushing two fingers deep inside her vagina. Then she gets out her purple vibrator. Amalia bites her lip with anticipation, as it slides inside her wet cunt. This is something she has done privately before. Now there is another girl filming her cumming. It’s a turn on. Amalia looks sensually into the camera. Her dark eyes glow as she pleasures herself. She puts her legs in the air. This is how to get an orgasm. Enjoying the feeling of her sex toy stimulating her g-spot and her clit at the same time. Intimate closeups of her lovely pink pussy as she penetrates it with her fingers and sexy toy. Amalia is an absolute gem and her video is so sexy! This shoot has 218 pictures and 45 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Victoria first time lesbian sex is with Elza

Victoria first time lesbian sex is with Elza. Victoria wrote on the Abby Winters forum, “For me, it was my first experience with a girl and my first experience making sex with somebody on camera, so I was really unconfident what to do at some moments but I tried to follow my inner sensations and also watched Elza’s reaction to my actions, and I’m happy you enjoyed watching this historical (for me) experience ? I would really love to repeat it with Elza because one time is not enough to understand and feel every delicate aspect, it feels like it’s just the beginning of something big, special, undiscovered… Elza is such a sweet girl, omg! Many kisses to her ???”

Victoria curls up in Elza’s lap and reaches down to caress her large breasts. Elza unties Victoria’s top to suck her nipples and give her deep kisses. On the bed the clothes come off and they enjoy lesbian scissoring. Victoria’s smooth pussy rubbing against Elza’s fuzzy bush. Victoria laqys back with her legs open and Elza works on her clit with sensual licking. Victoria kneels on the floor, and invites Elza to stand up and have her pussy worshipped. She … Continue reading →

Elza showing us her hairy armpits and unshaven pussy

Elza showing us her hairy armpits and unshaven pussy. She starts by slipping off her robe as she sits on her bed. A big bra supports her large natural titties. Her girly cotton panties cling to her curvy butt. Elza plays with her hair revealing her hairy armpits. She pulls her large boobs out her bra. Elza loves sharing them with us. She is a such a dreamy delight, and it’s so wonderful to visit with her again in her new solo shoot. She gets naked and relaxes with her legs open showing off the soft curls that decorate her fleshy pussy lips. Elza massages her areola with a makeup brush, and gently combs her hairy pussy. This shoot has 160 pictures and 41 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Anal licking Ethen und Eve

Girls and Their Boys – Anal licking Ethen and Eve. OMG!! Some of the pictures can be seen on the Abby Winters website. There are 179 pictures to download. The video has yet to be released. AW normally post a 30 – 50 second preview video. No need to sign up or send an e-mail etc. It’s FREE to look! Click on the “Members Area” button (top right hand corner) and then “Search Models” for “Eve S” or scroll down to the thumbnail. No need to sign up or give an e-mail address etc. It’s free – click here →

From AbbyWinters: “While pushing the toy deep in her bottom, Ethen laps Eve’s clit until she moans with blissful release, while looking deep into his eyes. When he stands on the bed, Eve kneels down to give him a passionate blowjob, deep throating his hard cock and sweetly sucking his balls. But Ethen can’t resist providing his beautiful girlfriend with as much pleasure as she can handle. He focuses all his attention on giving multiple orgasms from penetration in doggy, rimming and anal fingering. When Eve and Ethen stand naked together after the steamy action, their love for each other … Continue reading →

Newbie Dee strips naked and spreads her legs

Newbie Dee is a fun loving woman who has no boyfriend. She is always traveling and so she enjoys casual sex. (Check out the video.) Dee looks stunning in a loose-fitting orange tank top. She doesn’t like to wear a bra. Dee rolls around topless on the floor wearing tight velour shorts. She did have a boyfriend once who liked watching her masturbate. Dee tells us that he bought her a lot of sex toys. I love her beautiful body, from her perfectly pert small breasts to her tight butt hole. Dee has an amazingly cute face, friendly personality, lush, soft curves and she loves being sexy. Plenty of pussy close ups in her video. Dee stands up, puts on a top and gazes down into the camera. She is photographed from below and get a perfect view of her fleshy labia and cute small breasts. This shoot has 262 pictures and 33 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kylie and Satine first time together

Kylie and Satine are both incredibly pretty and deeply in tune with each other’s needs and desires. This is an amazingly beautiful and arousing shoot! The girls waste no time stripping each other’s clothes off. Satine kicks things off with a sweet licking of Kylie’s pretty pussy. What a great shoot, the 69 at the end of the first video was incredible! Kylie writes on the forum, “Not sure if you can see it, but I get girl cum ALL OVER my glasses during the video…” This shoot has 195 pictures and a 53 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Jessy and Nataly explicit girl on girl

A gentle, explicit girl on girl with Jessy and Nataly. Both girls are gorgeous and they’re so passionate together. They are real time friends. Natalya told us afterwards that it was very cute, gentle and sensual. She also said that its was nice to know your girlfriend from such side. The quickly loose their clothes as they tussle on the floor. Making out topless with their hands deep inside each other’s panties. Fingering each others clit. Jessy gets naked, lays back and spreads her legs. Natalya begins eating her out. The look on Jessy’s face tells us that she loves the feeling of her friend’s warm tongue on her pussy. A passionate 69 and they can go down on each other at the same time. Jessy stands up and her hairy pussy is lovingly penetrated by Nataly’s skillful fingers. This girl on girl is spectacular! This shoot has 149 pictures and 65 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

First Time Posing Nude Ilia

It’s the first time posing nude for Ilia and showing her hairy pussy. She writes in her notes, “I’m so excited to start the shoot: this is something I’ve always wanted to experience and try!” She plays with her shirt to make her big titties pop out. Ilia is one of those girls who looks awesome with her clothes on that it almost seems too good to be true when she starts taking them off. I love her curves and infectious smile. This shoot has 164 pictures and a video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Aussie amateur Grace walking through the forest stark naked and stopping for a piss. Sitting by the river with her legs wide open. Her unshaven pussy enjoying the cool breeze from the river. Grace is nude camping in one of Australia’s national parks. Sitting outdoors and spreading sun tan cream on her naked body. In her video Grace is nude most of the time with her legs apart. Talking about her trip to New York and how she prefers a natural look for her pubic hair. Grace is so beautiful and seductive in her intensely erotic video. Talking as she strokes her pussy and nipples. Her breasts and perky nipples are so pretty and distinctive. Her round butt is fabulous and her pussy is absolutely lovely with a soft patch of hair. This shoot has 120 pictures and 27 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girl Lexi fingering her pussy

Aussie girl Lexi fingering her pussy. Lexi slowly slides down her panties down her long legs. exposing her tight butt and her perfectly shaved pussy. She moves to the couch wearing nothing but her white girly socks. Lexi fingers herself on the couch. Check out the preview video on the AW website. I never get over how beautiful Lexi is, especially her incredible blue-green eyes. What an amazing girl. Lexi is really sexy, totally my type. Lexi is sexy for sure. I’ve never seen a more perfect body. I love Australian girls! This shoot has 259 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Naked German amateur Liliana

Naked German amateur Liliana stripping and spreading her legs. For the very first time! Another naturally beautiful girl. Liliana has the prettiest face, and I like her hair too. She is quite a find. I love her rosy cheeked cuteness, her puffy nipples, and her hairy bush. No video is a kind of a shame but that’s always the model’s choice. I’m very happy I got to see her in this very intimate image set. This shoot has 223 pictures for you to download.Continue reading →

Noa’s first lesbian sex is with Misha

Gorgeous Misha, really enjoyed being with Noa for her first abbywinters girl on girl. All natural Noa, is a beauty inside and outside. A great new abby girl with a very nice smile and voice. Gorgeous girl-girl newcomer Noa is so lovely. Her face sparkles with pretty smiles and giggles throughout their time together. Misha and Noa are clearly on the same wavelength. So many intense and passionate orgasms. There’s a lovely moment when Misha, having already made Noa cum with both her mouth and her fingers, starts going down on her again. Noa whimpers with pleasure, then finds the resolve to say “I want to do that to you first!” and starts licking Misha’s pretty pussy. This shoot has 317 pictures and a 56 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Hairy Pussy Amateur Jessy

Hairy pussy amateur Jessy spreads her legs and uses her favorite sex toy. She starts with an sneaky upskirt peek at her lacy green panties. It’s not long before one of her nipples pops out. Jessy pulls down her panties and runs her hands through her natural bush. Once she’s taken off her clothes, she hops into bed looking for her red dildo. Jessy takes the toy deep into her naturally hairy pussy. So nice watching Jessy show off her beautiful body and masturbating to climax. It’s lovely to see her enjoying herself so much! This shoot has 215 pictures and 43 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nadia erotic strip

Nadia has always been a huge, attention-getter for me. She is so beautiful. Perfect figure. I honestly think stills Abby Winters photographer Miss Nico, found “it” again, with attention to erotic detail. Thanks, ladies! Unbelievably beautiful! Girls with glasses are always cute when they look like Nadia. This shoot has 242 pictures and a 10 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Lulu and Yara outdoor lesbian sex

Lulu and Yara outdoor lesbian sex. Lulu and Yara work together so nicely making sure they each get as much pleasure as possible. For her 11th (!!!) lesbian sex shoot, Lulu is just as pretty, passionate and happy as ever.  Several times she gives her lovely new friend Yara a beautiful orgasm. This is only Yara’s second AW encounter with a girl. Lulu gathers Yara in her arms. She kisses her neck and caresses her breasts- Lovingly fingering Yara’s pretty pussy all at the same time. Aussie girl Yara offers a helping hand for the final few strokes. Guiding Lulu’s hand making sure she hits just the right spot to push her into orgasmic bliss. Just one of the many lovely times the girls cum. Lulu manages to bring about simultaneous orgasms by fingering Yara and masturbating herself at the same time! This shoot has 240 pictures and a 59 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude Kimberley with freckles

Nude Kimberley with freckles. She pulls down her pajamas and pulls up her top revealing two lovely breasts. Topless on the bed, she massages her small tits. She plays with her cotton panties. Pulling them up between her legs. All the time with a cheeky look on her face. Looking at the camera. She slips off her panties. She lays on the bed and opens her legs. A teasing smile on her face. She loves showing off her naked body. She uses two fingers to spread apart her pussy lips for close ups of her private parts. Kimberley is a perfect example of what pure sexiness is! This shoot has 130 pictures and a 34 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Amy is the real nude girl next door model

Amy is the real nude girl next door model. She reminds me of Kasia – see here. Small and attractive with a beautiful smile. A lovely Australian amateur with small perky breasts and a full bush. Blue eyed honey. She so rocks!   Amy did look a little nervous at first but settled down gradually. she’s even more stunning on video! The first one is where we got to know more about her. She seems like a smart girl who knows what she wants! Her confidence in herself was really nice to see. Amy’s tales of previous relationships with girls and what really turns her on in a girl were both honest and sexy. I did like her choices in what she really liked about girls. The second video with a really sensual masturbation seen contained some great angles of the action and it was like witnessing a private and very sexy moment. This shoot has 86 pictures and a 26 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Holly pissing outdoors

Australian amateur Holly pissing outdoors. She has a teasing smile on her face.  She lets her skirt and panties drop down exposing her unshaven pussy. Sitting under the tree, she spreads her legs and pisses on the grass. Holly goes indoors and lays on her bed. She unbuttons her blouse and squeezing her firm breasts together. Taking off her panties, Holly plays with her Russian dolls. Using them as sex toys to masturbate. Starting with the smaller one. She pushes it inside her wet pussy. She reaches a powerful orgasm with her fingers. Holly is so pretty with her sweet, sparkling smile and perky breasts. It looks like she’s enjoying herself in her first nude solo shoot. She is naturally beautiful. Young and  stunningly sexy.  Holly genuinely loving the idea of turning ‘us guys’ on as she masturbates to a glorious climax. One of my favorite parts of the video was when she went into the garden and had a pee. Back in the bedroom, Holly lifted up her short skirt and fingered both her vagina and butt hole. This shoot has 279 pictures and a 59 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Daniela playing with her hairy pussy

Daniela playing with her hairy pussy and showing off her hairy armpits. Daniela is just a perfect Abby girl! It looks like she enjoys stripping naked and sharing her gorgeous body with us. Passionately caressing herself all over as she undresses. So natural and cute, playful, and really sexy. Slowly she strips naked. Teasing us as she pulls down her tight denim shorts. Daniela plays with her panties pulling them up inside her pussy lips as she makes sweet eye contact with the camera. Laying on the floor, she slips off her cute panties to show off her furry natural bush. Daniela is absolutely beautiful. Great smile and gorgeous breasts. Absolutely smokin’ body and what a super cute face. Good to see that she likes the taste of pussy. She has done 6 explicit lesbian hardcore shoots with different girls. Her hands never stray far from her pussy in her video with intimate close ups as she strokes it. Her sexy stories on mountain hikes with her boyfriend and her favorite masturbation fantasy is a threesome with two girls! This shoot has 232 pictures and42 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Ani using her fingers to part her pussy lips

Ani using her fingers to part her pussy lips. OMG. So good! Girl next door type Ani looks lovely in her crimson top and cutoff denim shorts that hug her tight butt. She strips down to her bra and panties. Off comes her sexy lingerie and Ani goes down on her hands and knees stark naked. Grabbing her bare feet, she spreads her legs wide apart. She loves showing it off shaved pussy and uses her fingers to spread her vulva with a flirtatious smile. On all fours with her hips in the air, she shows off her tight butt hole. Ani’s body is super-pretty, with a round butt and lovely legs that she generously keeps open to let us take in all of her sexiness. This shoot has 224 pictures and a 28 minute video for you to download to your PC.Continue reading →

Marigold and Christiana road trip

Aussie girls Marigold and Christiana head out in their car cross-country. They feel a horny urge and make an afternoon stop at a motel. Pulling each others clothes off as soon as they get through the door. They make love on the bed, licking nipples and finger banging each other. Their backstage video was fun to watch, especially Christiana’s masturbation in the car. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my eyes on the road if I had been driving. Christiana’s rub in the car was very stimulating and I’m sure she enjoyed it, too! The chemistry between the girls is so very nice. Unscripted and full of passion. I like how the curtains stay open in the Motel’s windows. Bit of a risk but when too horny girls want each other. Well, enough said. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Skinny Sonya with perky nipples

Skinny Sonya with perky nipples. She starts her erotic shoot pulling down her tight shorts. Exposing her lace panties. Sonya takes off her bra and squeezes her breasts together. She looks delicious! Sonya pinches her puffy nipples while her other hand moves in between her panties. Oh yeah! Down on the floor, Sonya caresses her clitoris and spreading her pussy lips apart. Laying on all fours, she grabs her butt cheeks from behind spreading them apart exposing her tight butt hole. She is clearly very happy to get naked and let us admire her lovely breasts and perfect pussy. She lovingly strokes it throughout almost every minute of the video. Sonja tells us, in her video, that she loves masturbating to lesbian porn and having sex with both boys and girls. I will post a girl on girl picture gallery soon. This shoot has 283 pictures and a 30 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie Felicity shows her hairy pussy

Aussie Felicity shows her pubes. Felicity’s is the ‘real girl next door’ type. Very natural and with a sexy air of mystery surrounding her. What a delicious little redhead she is! Felicity C you are so lovely. Your beautiful smile, warm welcoming eyes and sexy petite body is wonderful. An awesome video with a lovely relaxed sensual feel to it. Flic tells of her preference for girls and slowly strips naked. I loved hearing Felicity’s stories. Especially of what she likes about other girls. This shoot has 187 pictures and a 18 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Una stark naked outdoors

Blonde Una walks through the fields and woods stark naked. I absolutely love her! She is just so beautiful. Her body is amazing. This 19 year old is so sweet. She looks very comfortable walking around nude outdoors. Feeding horses in the field wearing only her trainers. A really pretty girl. I hope there’s more to come. This shoot has 55 pictures and 29 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Marine wearing transparent panties and masturbating

Marine looks super-gorgeous with and without her clothes. We have got to know her in her videos with her explicit sex talk. She has appeared in many lesbian hardcore shoots. Only two solo shoots. In this, her third solo shoot, she teases us wearing a short skirt, legs apart and exposing her transparent panties. She looks so good. One of her hands heads south and goes inside her panties. Oh yeah. Marine stands up and her perky nipples pop out of her halter top. She pushes two fingers deep inside her moist cunt. Marine takes off all of her clothes and ties her feet together. She continues masturbating. Marine bends over a chair and smiles as her fingers slide in and out. Then she spreads her legs wide apart and slips a glass dildo into her wet pussy. Marine places a vibrator directly on her clit. Her eyes glow with arousal, and she looks directly into the camera as she has an orgasm. Marine loves showing off her perfect body, from her sexy breasts to her marvelous pussy, which she makes sure gets lots of pretty closeup attention. This shoot has 158 pictures and 48 minutes of videos for you Continue reading →

Aussie girl Yara using her vibrator

Aussie girl Yara using her vibrator. Oh my goodness! This looks delicious. Yara is so extraordinarily pretty. She always seems to be completely relaxed and happy being naked. Yara is a natural. She knows what she wants. She spends some relaxing moments on video lovingly stroking her hairy pussy. Talking about what she likes in a partner. Using her pink rabbit toy. After playing with it whilst sitting, standing and all fours, she lays back. It’s inside her pussy. The rabbit’s ears massage her clitoris. It’s all she needs. Her orgasm is so sexy to watch. Her sultry voice is just so sexy. This shoot has 229 pictures and a 30 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Wendy nude and pissing outdoors

Wendy nude and pissing in the Australian outback. I always love the outdoor shoots. Aussie amateur Wendy had a lot of fun in her awesome 50 minute video. Out driving in her convertible car wearing her mini skirt and a halter top. Her miniskirt pulled up exposing her panties. She takes us to one of her favorite places outside Melbourne “with a decent amount of privacy”. She strips naked, has a piss and two finger bangs her pussy until she cums. “Oh that was so good,” She says afterwards sitting naked against a tree with her legs apart. Nude Australian Wendy runs around naked outdoors. She has a playful and friendly personality. Perfect! “I see more orgasms ahead,” she says. This shoot has 204 pictures and 50 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Sondrine and Clarisa

Awesome Abby Winters lesbian sex shoot with Sondrine and Clarisa. Pulling her lace panties aside, Sondrine uncovers her redheaded pubic hair while Clarisa passionately licks her vulva. Laying upside down, Clarisa opens her legs while Sondrine pushes her panties inside her with her fingers, impregnating them with Clarisa’s odor and then slowly pulls them out and takes them to her face, inhaling deeply, before continuing to finger Clarisa and give each other oral sex in an ardent 69. Sondrine and Clarisa rock! This shoot has 275 pictures and a 73 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Best friends naked

Best friends naked is one of my favorite sections at Abby Winters “Fetishes”. I’m a big fan of full frontal nudity and this doesn’t disappoint. Some examples below. Use the search box on this website to find the girls free picture galleries. Use the link below to see their preview videos and pictures on Abby Winters.… Continue reading →

Catalina with hairy armpits finger bangs her hairy pussy

Catalina with hairy armpits finger bangs her hairy pussy. She stands in front of her full-length mirror. Checking out her body. The was her jeans hugs her butt. She pulls them down showing thong. Then, Catalina lifts up her shirt. It barely covers her large breasts. She raises her hands over her head to happily reveal her armpit hair. Pulling her throng to one side, she inserts two fingers deep into her hairy pussy. They get sticky with girl cum. Catalina has a naughty look in her eyes as she places a condom over her fingertips. She continues rubbing her pussy. Now she is on all fours, penetrating herself with a thick dildo. This shoot has 222 pictures and 52 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girls Louisa and Alexiah lesbian hardcore

Aussie girls Louisa and Alexiah lesbian hardcore. They look so great together. Sometimes you got chemistry, and sometimes you don’t. This lesbian shoot definitely did. Two super cute girls who definitely looked very comfortable with each other. Louisa, in spite of being a bit nervous perhaps. The sex was great. The video is one of the best lesbian videos ever. This shoot has 581 pictures and a video to download. Continue reading →

Eve full frontal nudity and pussy closeups

Eve full frontal nudity and pussy closeups. Awesome! She pulls her top over her head and plays with her bra straps. Her large breasts and stiff nipples fall out and demand fondling. There’s a naughty smile on Eve’s face. Her gym shorts drop to the floor. Wow – no panties. Eve sits on the desk with her legs wide open. Curvy girls with asses like this are my kryptonite. She really has a gorgeous body, and looks completely comfortable and confident when she is naked. I loved watching having her pussy licked by Zina in her explicit lesbian hardcore shoot. She looked great getting fucked by boyfriend Ethan. He fingers her butt hole and she deep throats his cock before they fuck. Take a look here. This shoot has 219 pictures and 36 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Lexi fingers meaty pussy lips and butt hole

Lexi fingers meaty pussy lips and butt hole. This Australian amateur poses a little before undressing. She looks stunning and is in a playful mood. She takes off her top and poses a little in her lace bra. She unfastens it letting it slide down her long arms. There’s a seductive look in her eyes. Her large, pert breasts appear under her long blonde hair. “I’m not really a bra girl,” she says. Imagine her walking around town win her tight, denim shorts with the “twins” bouncing underneath her t-shirt. Her nipples rigid. Lexi plays around a little and pulls down her white shorts. She opens her legs and pulls up her panties into the gap between her legs. Laying on her bed she pulls down her panties. No signs of nerves. She loves being naked spreads her butt cheeks for a look at her butt hole and vagina. Close ups of her pussy as she fingers her pussy. Hearing Lexi’s stories in her videos and her excitement about life is definitely not to be missed. In the last one, she revealed that her boyfriend would not fuck her in the ass. Is there no justice in the world? This Continue reading →

Five naked Australian girls

Five naked Australian girls outdoors. These kind of group shoots have always been my favorite shoots on the Abby Winters web site. The location and the models in this one were just exceptional. Bravo! Groups of happy naked Australian girls simply enjoying themselves in the nude. Abby Winters Picnic Girls is fabulous! Check out their solo shoots – all the girls details are here. This shoot has 158 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girl Kasia first time posing nude

Aussie girl Kasia is my kind of girl. Natural in every way, including the smile, and the absence of a razor from her bathroom cabinet. But what about those knickers! Sexiest pair on the site ever, I’d say. Kasia, you are gorgeous. Not only does she look fantastic, she is very intelligent (who else on the boards speaks Chinese and French?), she talks fluently and her dance moves are extremely sexy. Kasia just stole my heart. Kasia, has become a favorite. I liked her photo set a lot, loved her in naked twister, but the dancing in her videos. This shoot has 141 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Jenni nude guitar player

Jenni nude guitar player. First timer Jenni sings her heart out as she plays her guitar. What a doll! With a lovely smile on her face she lifts her t-shirt over her head and takes off her bra. Her firm breasts are absolutely captivating and her skin looks so soft. She continues stripping, pulling down her tights and panties. Jenni is completely shaved and just look at her tight butt. OMG. Almost naked she stretches out on her couch and draws a ring around her nipple. Jenni is gorgeous! I love her bright, sparkling eyes, sweetly sunny personality and perfect body. This shoot has 175 pictures and 40 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →