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Marleen and Misha girl on girl hardcore. Gorgeous getting to see these two tall, leggy beauties together! Misha looks incredible with her blonde hair up. There is excellent chemistry between them. Very hot! Misha wrote in the AW forum, “I love it that I had this beautiful sexual experience with Marleen S!! She is so cool and full of fun! The sex was amazing and so is Marleen S.” Misha rocks, she’s so cute. This shoot has 296 pictures and a 53 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Anal licking Ethen und Eve

Girls and Their Boys – Anal licking Ethen and Eve. OMG!! Some of the pictures can be seen on the Abby Winters website. There are 179 pictures to download. The video has yet to be released. AW normally post a 30 – 50 second preview video. No need to sign up or send an e-mail etc. It’s FREE to look! Click on the “Members Area” button (top right hand corner) and then “Search Models” for “Eve S” or scroll down to the thumbnail. No need to sign up or give an e-mail address etc. It’s free – click here →
From AbbyWinters: “While pushing the toy deep in her bottom, Ethen laps Eve’s clit until she moans with blissful release, while looking deep into his eyes. When he stands on the bed, Eve kneels down to give him a passionate blowjob, deep throating his hard cock and sweetly sucking his balls. But Ethen can’t resist providing his beautiful girlfriend with as much pleasure as she can handle. He focuses all his attention on giving multiple orgasms from penetration in doggy, rimming and anal fingering. When Eve and Ethen stand naked together after the steamy action, their love for each other … Continue reading →

Bobbie toying her pussy

Bobbie toying her hairy pussy. She is so amazing. I love her energy and her dorky charm. She just oozes fun and sex. The lovely Bobbie is a perfect addition to this site. With her beautiful smile, lovely body and sexy bush, she is the perfect natural beauty. Her personality is as colorful as her hair. The way she chatted away on camera talking about her own experiences and how she feels on camera as well as her love for photography had me wanting more. This shoot has 296 pictures and a 30 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

Kylee looks great in and out of her clothes

Kylee looks great in and out of her Kookai’s. There is even a stray tennis ball in honor of the Australian open. Kylee is definitely one of the prettiest girls on this site. It must have been a cool day for a shoot – poor Kylee seems to have goose-bumps on her breasts. Kylee is gorgeous and it’s great to see her showing us her lovely body once more. I love the sequence in her video where we get a wonderful tour of her pretty little pussy. This shoot has 154 pictures and a 10 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kenji and Yara girl on girl

Yara and Kenji are awesome to watch. Bending Yara’s legs back, Kenji presses her mouth over her open, wet vulva and grips her firm bum as she licks and pleasures her. Sliding in between each others legs, Kenji and Yara push their hairy vulva’s together, grinding and rubbing their clits, making their mouths gape open with pleasure. Exploring their bodies, they grip and pull at each other as they both orgasm. Both girls are beautiful and have a lovely bodies. I have enjoyed their personalities. Australian girls are special – right? Abby Winters has some epic girl-girl shoots. Kenji wrote on the AW forum: “Yara and I hit it off straight away, so having delicious & hot sex came naturally. I hope we can play more in the future.” This shoot has 285 pictures and a 72 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Dominika masturbating on the yoga mat

Dominika looks super sexy masturbating on the yoga mat. Her glorious hair and those adorable eyes sexily gazing into the camera lens. Just as hot as all her lovely rude bits. Dominika is like a princess in a Disney movie but strictly for adults. This image set has 294 pictures and a 33 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Holly pissing outdoors

Australian amateur Holly pissing outdoors. She has a teasing smile on her face.  She lets her skirt and panties drop down exposing her unshaven pussy. Sitting under the tree, she spreads her legs and pisses on the grass. Holly goes indoors and lays on her bed. She unbuttons her blouse and squeezing her firm breasts together. Taking off her panties, Holly plays with her Russian dolls. Using them as sex toys to masturbate. Starting with the smaller one. She pushes it inside her wet pussy. She reaches a powerful orgasm with her fingers. Holly is so pretty with her sweet, sparkling smile and perky breasts. It looks like she’s enjoying herself in her first nude solo shoot. She is naturally beautiful. Young and  stunningly sexy.  Holly genuinely loving the idea of turning ‘us guys’ on as she masturbates to a glorious climax. One of my favorite parts of the video was when she went into the garden and had a pee. Back in the bedroom, Holly lifted up her short skirt and fingered both her vagina and butt hole. This shoot has 279 pictures and a 59 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Aussie girl Sally with hairy pussy using sex toys

Aussie girl Sally with hairy pussy using sex toys. Sally is at home in Australia. Sitting in her armchair she begins to unbutton her white blouse and the top of her shorts. Sally pulls down her tight, jean shorts. Her large breasts see daylight. Sitting by her bed, she sits on her dildo easing it slowly inside her vagina. Sally closes her eyes while she rubs her hand against her wet pussy. Using her favorite dildo she continues to punish her pussy. Pushing it deep insider her. In front of a mirror she looks at herself masturbating and cums. It’s not the end as anyone who has seen the video knows. In the video she punishes her pussy some more with another dildo sliding in as her vibrator works on her clitoris. This one goes straight to my favorites list. Her natural-looking pubic hair. Loved watching and her her talking as she cleaned her sex toys afterwards. I love Aussie girls.
This shoot has 309 pictures and a 35 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Amy is the real nude girl next door model

Amy is the real nude girl next door model. She reminds me of Kasia – see here. Small and attractive with a beautiful smile. A lovely Australian amateur with small perky breasts and a full bush. Blue eyed honey. She so rocks!   Amy did look a little nervous at first but settled down gradually. she’s even more stunning on video! The first one is where we got to know more about her. She seems like a smart girl who knows what she wants! Her confidence in herself was really nice to see. Amy’s tales of previous relationships with girls and what really turns her on in a girl were both honest and sexy. I did like her choices in what she really liked about girls. The second video with a really sensual masturbation seen contained some great angles of the action and it was like witnessing a private and very sexy moment. This shoot has 86 pictures and a 26 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Carmina and Evelina anal fingering

Evelina has a nice start at AW with a hardcore girl on girl shoot. It’s always nice to see Carmina. She seems to have a lot of fun on her shoots. She has a beautiful, sexy body and speaks with a sexy accent. Lots of wonderful kissing by Carmina and Evelina through the first part of the video. I’m certain Carmina fingered Evelina to several hot orgasms. The 69 that followed was terrific too. Great duo. As always Carmina is amazing and Evelina’s first appearance is promising. A delicious scene between two gorgeously sexy young women. Lucky Carmina, taking Evelina’s lesbian cherry – and lucky Evelina, having her first GG experience with such a beautiful and skilled partner!! This shoot has 259 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Italian amateur takes a beauty bath

Italian amateur takes a beauty bath. Violeta is one special Italian girl. My oh my, I’m in love all over again. Violeta has lovely medium sized breasts and one of the most beautiful hairy pussies ever. She spreads her legs and the sun comes out. It’s that good. I shouldn’t leave out her curvy butt, pretty brown hair mixed with blonde, and gorgeous eyes. Violeta is extraordinary looking in the real sense of the word. One of the most gorgeous women i have ever seen. A perfect woman, flawless. The video is breathtaking. Filmed with so much care and lust and eroticism. All those little touches. The sound of the water as she wrings out the pants cuff. The milky water flowing over her naked body. The water wetting her pants and giving us a see through to her hairy bush. Perfect face, perfect smile, perfect breast, perfect ass, perfect bush! Really just run out of words here. She’s definitely a stunner. I falls on my knees in awe. This shoot has 167 pictures and a 20 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Hayley and Navah finger banging

Fantastic Girl on Girl with 2 adorable girls. So sensual and hot! Incredible energy and impatience Navah (but who wouldn’t be anxious to get on with it with Haley??). One of the best lesbian videos for sure! Hayley and Navah are beautiful, passionate, Haley saying “I’m really horny” explains a lot. Again one of the best shoots on AW! This shoot has 282 pictures and a 42 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Gala and Yara lesbian hardcore

Gala and Yara pleasuring each other outdoors. Can’t believe how sexy each of these two are individually. Together they’re just shocking. Luscious Yara and scrumptious Gala tasting each other! Wow – they have amazing passion and chemistry that is really amazing to watch! The electricity between these two is amazing! These two beautiful ladies are among the best to ever grace our screens. To see them together is wonderful! It’s the best thing I can remember seeing on AW and I haven’t seen the video yet. This is a CLASSIC among Classics and one I will enjoy again and again. This shoot has 254 pictures and a 60 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Kenji and Noa risky lesbian sex

Kenji and Noa risky lesbian sex shoot. Noa’s milky white skin contrasting Kenji’s Australian tan. They lift off each other’s dresses and expose their breasts. A natural hairy pussy is exposed as they grind against each other. Standing against the balcony, they risk being caught by onlookers. The risk of being seen only makes the sex more intense! After watching the video I can see what they mean about “risky”. There were people walking and bicycling past. Also a risk to the Amsterdam canal traffic. Captains loosing control of the steering as they watch these two beauties make out on the balcony. This shoot amazing. Lots of passion, sensuality and wildness. This shoot has 291 pictures and a 69 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Daniela playing with her hairy pussy

Daniela playing with her hairy pussy and showing off her hairy armpits. Daniela is just a perfect Abby girl! It looks like she enjoys stripping naked and sharing her gorgeous body with us. Passionately caressing herself all over as she undresses. So natural and cute, playful, and really sexy. Slowly she strips naked. Teasing us as she pulls down her tight denim shorts. Daniela plays with her panties pulling them up inside her pussy lips as she makes sweet eye contact with the camera. Laying on the floor, she slips off her cute panties to show off her furry natural bush. Daniela is absolutely beautiful. Great smile and gorgeous breasts. Absolutely smokin’ body and what a super cute face. Good to see that she likes the taste of pussy. She has done 6 explicit lesbian hardcore shoots with different girls. Her hands never stray far from her pussy in her video with intimate close ups as she strokes it. Her sexy stories on mountain hikes with her boyfriend and her favorite masturbation fantasy is a threesome with two girls! This shoot has 232 pictures and42 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →