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Ashley and Caisa doing their best to pleasure each other in this lesbian hardcore shoot. I always watch the after videos first and I knew this one would be exceptional with Caisa telling Ashley “you were cumin all the time!” The girls get in so many nice positions including licking in doggy, stroking and cuddling in the chair and hot tribbing (scissoring) on the floor with lots of deep kisses. This shoot has 345 pictures and a 51 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

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Redhead Anabelle naked and opening her legs wide for close ups of her hairy pussy and ginger pubes. It’s so nice to see Anabelle back. She seems to be an absolutely lovely woman, completely natural and open. Her workout clothes look nice, but she of course looks much better without them. She pulls down her gym shorts and her lacy see-through panties. Pulls down her tank top so her nipples pop out. Wearing nothing but a pair of long socks, she poses for a full frontal letting us admire her big breasts and the ginger pubic hair between her legs. I loved watching her in her first lesbian threesome with Maylin and Sienna or her lesbian sex shoot only with Maylin fingers finger banging her pussy. It’s always nice when the models return to AW after a gap of a few years, and Anabelle is a perfect Abby girl! This shoot has 254 pictures and 38 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →