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Mary spreads and fingers her hairy pussy. Mary smiles as she slowly begins to undress. Letting her top fall. Teasing us by covering her breasts with the top of her shorts.  She slips her fingers inside her panties and fingers her hairy pussy. She removes her shorts with a teasing look on her face. She shows us her breasts. Using the tip of her fingers, Mary pulls aside her panties, uncovering her dark, full bush.  She pushes her fingers deep inside her vagina. Using two fingers, she masturbates coming close to an orgasm. Mary is very proud of her long pubes and asks if we can see how much they’ve grown. You decide. There are lots of fantastic close ups as she touches herself. Mary ends by masturbating to a gorgeous orgasm. Both hands rubbing her clit until she cums with a ecstatic moan. “I feel so good! It feels really warm and nice,” she says smile. We get to see Mary in explicit lesbian hardcore shoots with Elin, Anca, Tilly B, Sienna G, Lucia M, Zina B and Dimitra (phew!). It’s good to know that this American amateur made the most of her visit to Amsterdam. This shoot has Continue reading →

Stella using her sex toys

Stella using her sex toys to pleasure herself. She starts teasing us by slowly revealing her bra and panties under her bathrobe. Stella is a super fit woman with striking eyes, beautiful hair and perfect body. She is the very definition of beauty and sultriness. She slowly takes off her bathrobe with her fabulous smile and great eye contact does a twirl in her bra and panties showing her sexy tight butt. Her bra comes off and the “twins” bounce into view. Stella fondles her lovely big tits, teasing her pink nipples with hair clips. Her hand moves down her body to her sexy panties. Pulling them aside to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy. Stella gets naked and shows off her body. Sitting on the floor with her legs wide apart for close ups of her shaved pussy and love cave. Turning over into a doggy position to show her butt. She is so strikingly pretty. Stella climbs on to her bed and sits naked between the legs of an enormous teddy bear. She starts to masturbate with a thick rubber dildo. Her pussy gets dripping wet as she pushes the toy in and out, and her face flushes pink … Continue reading →

Kayla first time lesbian sex is with Layla

Kayla first time lesbian sex is with Layla. It all started with Kayla and Layla fix each other’s hair. Layla moves her hand towards Kayla’s breasts, pinching her big nipples through her bra. Kayla offers her breasts to Layla as they make love. Kayla pulls Layla’s panties aside. Caressing her pussy and clitoris before using her tongue in her vulva. The girls continue to pleasure each other. A 69, tribbing finger banging and eating hairy pussy as they get closer to orgasm. It’s very exciting to hear (on the video) that you had never done *anything* with a girl before and that sweetheart Layla is going to be your teacher. Hearing the girls chat honestly about the experience in the after interviews is one of my favorite features of AW girl-girls, especially when one model is having her first time with a girl. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Denna spreading pink pussy

Denna spreading pink pussy. This Australian woman starts with lifting up her short dress on her her first ever nude photo shoot. Sitting on the floor, she flashes her panties and shows of her tight butt. Denna pulls her short dress over her head. Then she lets the straps of her sporty bra slip over her shoulders and pulls it down. Two lovely, firm breasts with lick-able nipples pop into view. Her panties slide down her long legs revealing her trimmed pubic runway. This is a classy woman. Denna spreads  her legs wide exposing her hidden treasure. She parts her legs for some close ups of her tight vagina spreading her pussy lips with her slender fingers. Denna looks composed, calm and beautiful as she slips off each item of clothing. The confident looks she gives the camera makes the reveal of her gorgeous body even more exciting. She look perfect completely naked. Lovely video to download that includes talking and even philosophy along with the beauty. Mesmerizing! I especially was taken by her eyes while she was dancing. This shoot has 113 pictures and a 34 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

FTV Girl Myra second time around posing naked

FTV Girl Myra second time around. She didn’t appear once but twice on FTV Girls. A lovely set of a beautiful 18 year old girl from the USA. More explicit too than the first one – something I always enjoy! Myra writes; “Some things I did not like about the shoot was walking around in those heels! lol. It’s cute for a while but it gets old. I was not really thinking I was gonna try any anal, but i ended up trying it anyways. Its really not that bad! Just personally, not my cup of tea. I loved to see how pretty I looked on camera, though. I didn’t know that I could look so elegant, especially in a shoot like this! But I really did love the way most of the photos turned out. Definitely a much needed confidence booster. I was really scared we were gonna get caught when we were in public, and I know I look super young so it definitely would NOT have looked good on our part, lol…”Check out her video clip here.
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Violeta is perfect

Violeta  is perfect! 10 out of 10. She is a natural and a very beautiful young woman. Absolutely gorgeous! Magnificent breasts, which was obvious even before she took off her shirt. Violeta looks fit with a shapely body. She clearly has personality. Violeta has an absolutely stunning hairy bush which looks sensational in its natural state. Absolutely nothing beats cute, mischievous, and naughty! Lovely Violeta delivers it all! This shoot has 144 pictures and a 14 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Maddie and Viviana girl-girl hardcore with anal licking. Gorgeous and yummy. The girls seem to be made for each other: both so sweet and smart, funny and kinky. They sit at the kitchen table laughing and holding hands. The sparks begin to fly when Maddie moves in for a kiss as she fondles one of Viviana’s breasts. The girls undress each other, licking nipples through lacy fabric. Squeezing each others butts and fingering pussy through their panties. Viviana is fascinated by Maddie’s pink vulva, and starts to lick her clit. No complaints from Maddie. Viviana grants Maddie’s wish to be fisted, pushing all of her five fingers deep inside her wet cunt. Building to an explosively sexy climax. Maddie blindfolds Viviana. She removes Viviana’s necklace and carefully pushes it into her pussy giving Viviana a powerful orgasm. Maddie bends her friend over to lick her butt hole followed by forceful rimming. Viviana arches her back and cries out with exquisite pleasure. It’s so beautiful: thank you so much for sharing your pleasure with us. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 56 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Melody spreads her legs for a better view of her hairy pussy. I simply adore her! She has a teasing look on her face as she kneels on her bed in her lace panties. She flashes her tits. Melody has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves. She parts her legs for intimate close ups of her hairy pussy. She looks so pretty completely naked. I love how Melody and how she moves. So amazingly pretty with her bright smile and playful personality. Awesome video with a lot of teasing looks as she rubs an ice cube around her pussy. Talking about having her clit licked and “exploding” when she cums. Lovely intimate video. This shoot has 176 pictures and 46 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

FTV girls Myra posing nude outdoors

FTV girls Myra posing nude outdoors. Besides her Abby Winters shoots, Myra has also done some kinky stuff with FTV Girls. FTVGirls tell us: Just turned 18, this super cute cherry blonde has never shot any adult before, but has been very excited to turn 18 and try it as a special experience for herself. She loves to masturbate, especially on clitoral stimulation, and even though she’s been with only one guy, she is learning to enjoy sex as well. Check out her video clip here..… Continue reading →

Lelia first time posing nude

Lelia first time posing nude for AW. Beautiful looks and personality, with an apparent air of innocence. Leila pinches her nipples until they poke through her white cotton tank top. There’s a naughty look in her blue eyes. She sits on the couch, parts her legs and flashes her red panties. She slips off her shirt – no bra – yummy. Lelia presses her tennis racket against her breasts and slips the handle down her panties. Naked on the floor we get to see her tan lines. Another tennis player playing with her balls. This shoot has 226 pictures and a 34 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Zhenna full frontal nudity. It’s so good to see Zhenna back. She is an absolutely lovely woman, completely natural and open. So unbelievably cute. After some up skirt peeks at her red knickers she pulls her tank top over her head and unzips her skirt. Zhenna frees her lovely tits with perky nipples and pulls down her panties revealing her smooth shaved pussy. She sits on her coffee table and opens her legs wide. Zhenna’s body is super-pretty, with a round butt and lovely legs that she keeps open to let us take in all of her sexiness. I loved her in her first lesbian hardcore shoot having her pussy fingered and licked by Lilia. She appears in some amazing videos. This shoot has 172 pictures and a 33 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Kelli posing naked for the first time for us. Kelli plays with a soccer ball for a while before she begins to slowly undress. Standing on her tiptoes, she turns around and unbuttons her tight shorts. She lets them slide down her legs exposing her perfectly round butt. Kelli lays in all fours and reaches towards her butt. Slowly, Kelli pulls down her sexy panties, exposing her shaved pussy. Completely naked, Kelli continues to show us her petite body. She has a teasing smile on her face as she as she shows us her pussy from behind. This 19 year old amateur is gorgeous. Lovely little breasts with nice nipples. She has lovely pussy lips, 19 year old Kelli is super cute. Her body is absolutely delicious. I just love her small perky breasts and lovely nipples. I love her long brown hair. Believe me or not I think she looks like Jennifer Lawrence from “Hunger Games”. I love looking at girls in shorts. This image set has 227 pictures and a 21 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →