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Ulyana and Zuzanna licking and finger banging

Ulyana and Zuzanna licking and finger banging. Looks like this is Ulyana’s first girl on girl. Yeh! Two pretty girls who look so cute together. Ulyana starts by giving Zuzanna a relaxing massage. Her skilled hands rub Zuzanna’s bare back. Then she pulls down her panties and begins licking Zuzanna’s smooth shaved pussy. She inserts one finger deep inside Zuzanna’s moist vagina. Zuzanna has Ulyana sit on a chair with her legs open. She then puts her mouth to great use burying her freckled face between Ulyana’s legs. She looks wonderful with her tongue buried in Zuzanna’s beautiful pussy. and passionately licks and sucks like there is no tomorrow. A gentle foot massage followed by an intense 69. Face sitting and pussy eating. Zuzanna sits on the table. opens her legs and Ulyana puts her mouth to great use. Zuzanna moans as she feels her orgasm coming. This shoot has 219 pictures and 69 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Delfine posing nude for the first time

Define posing nude for the first time. I simply adore her! If there was some kind of supercomputer programmed to create the perfect Abby girl, it wouldn’t be able to come up with someone more ideal than Delfine. Her amazingly cute smile, friendly personality, and her love of being sexy. When she unfastens her bra, her perky nipples point to the sky! Delfine opens her legs with her bare feet raised high in the air. Using her fingers to spread her pussy lips, she shows off her sensitive clit. Intimate closeups of Delfine’s gorgeous pussy, with lovely pink labia and soft, fluffy hair. Delfine picks up her purple vibrator and pushes her sex toy into her hairy pussy. She looks so pretty completely naked, playing with her toy, building to an intense orgasm. This shoot has 266 pictures and 46 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Redhead Myra spreading for pussy close ups

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Karine drips hot wax over her naked body. She starts by posing in her short dress and flashing her panties. Karine lifts the dress over her head and stretches out her bra to make her big titties fall out. It’s good to see Karine again. She seems to be an absolutely lovely woman, completely natural and open. She pulls down her panties, until we can see her smooth, shaved pussy. Spreading her legs wide apart, Karine rubs her pussy with baby oil. Karine looks so adorable and it’s a bit surprising to hear her talk about her sexy fetishes. She binds her bare feet with rope, and wrapping a bungee cord under her big breasts. She lights a candle and lets the hot wax drip all over her legs. I love the way she opens her legs for closeups of her gorgeous pussy. This shoot has 176 pictures and 34 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Lilia and Zhenna eating pussy

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Real amateur Erina is naturally delicious

Real amateur Erina is naturally delicious with underarm hair and a natural bush. Two amazing titties. An absolutely lovely woman, completely natural and open. Erina’s has done two shoots explicit shoots. Her third shoot was open leg, and this one is gentle nude. Short-haired Erina relaxes on the couch. Her tube dress hugging her beautiful curves. She bends over to give us an upskirt view of her panties. She undresses with a teasing smile on her face. Raising her hands over her head to show off her armpit hair. Slipping off her panties to proudly show us her natural bush and curvy butt. Loved her video with full frontal nudity. Thank you for a sweet and sexy shoot Erina! This shoot has 140 pictures and 39 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

Anal licking Ethen und Eve

Girls and Their Boys – Anal licking Ethen and Eve. OMG!! Some of the pictures can be seen on the Abby Winters website. There are 179 pictures to download. The video has yet to be released. AW normally post a 30 – 50 second preview video. No need to sign up or send an e-mail etc. It’s FREE to look! Click on the “Members Area” button (top right hand corner) and then “Search Models” for “Eve S” or scroll down to the thumbnail. No need to sign up or give an e-mail address etc. It’s free – click here →
From AbbyWinters: “While pushing the toy deep in her bottom, Ethen laps Eve’s clit until she moans with blissful release, while looking deep into his eyes. When he stands on the bed, Eve kneels down to give him a passionate blowjob, deep throating his hard cock and sweetly sucking his balls. But Ethen can’t resist providing his beautiful girlfriend with as much pleasure as she can handle. He focuses all his attention on giving multiple orgasms from penetration in doggy, rimming and anal fingering. When Eve and Ethen stand naked together after the steamy action, their love for each other … Continue reading →

Flo and Jullie explicit girl on girl

Flo and Jullie’s explicit girl on girl starts off with a pillow fight. I’m a big fan of Flo. This German amateur has a lovely enthusiastically naughty personality, a beautiful petite body with a gorgeous butt. Jullie is a strikingly beautiful woman with her sweet playful smiles. Flo pins Jullie on the couch and put her hand up her skirt. They make out sucking nipples and peeling off each other’s thong panties. It’s very passionate. They’re not as innocent as they look and love giving each other pleasure. Jullie opens her legs over Flo’s face allowing her tongue to lick her wet pussy. Jullie wants to give as good as she is getting and reaches back during the face sitting to gently stroke Flo’s clit. She parts Flo’s legs and nestles her face between them. She pushes her finger in and out as she eats her pussy. Lots of pussy close-ups in their video. The afterglow is filled with loving cuddles and cute breast massaging. This shoot has 243 pictures and 71 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →