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Australian amateur Holly pissing outdoors. She has a teasing smile on her face.  She lets her skirt and panties drop down exposing her unshaven pussy. Sitting under the tree, she spreads her legs and pisses on the grass. Holly goes indoors and lays on her bed. She unbuttons her blouse and squeezing her firm breasts together. Taking off her panties, Holly plays with her Russian dolls. Using them as sex toys to masturbate. Starting with the smaller one. She pushes it inside her wet pussy. She reaches a powerful orgasm with her fingers. Holly is so pretty with her sweet, sparkling smile and perky breasts. It looks like she’s enjoying herself in her first nude solo shoot. She is naturally beautiful. Young and  stunningly sexy.  Holly genuinely loving the idea of turning ‘us guys’ on as she masturbates to a glorious climax. One of my favorite parts of the video was when she went into the garden and had a pee. Back in the bedroom, Holly lifted up her short skirt and fingered both her vagina and butt hole. This shoot has 279 pictures and a 59 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Karlijn pissing after training. I love Karlijn and I love to watch a girl pee. But peeing in the kitchen? Seems a bit unhygienic to me. I love this Dutch girl. Very sexy getting to watch her exercising. I’m a sucker for small breasts. Karlijn has one set of the nicest boobies around. Karlijn is one of my top ten girls. We see her have sex with both her boyfriend and different girls on Abby Winters. This shoot has 225 pictures and a 21 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Aussie girl Lexi fingering her pussy. Lexi slowly slides down her panties down her long legs. exposing her tight butt and her perfectly shaved pussy. She moves to the couch wearing nothing but her white girly socks. Lexi fingers herself on the couch. Check out the preview video on the AW website. I never get over how beautiful Lexi is, especially her incredible blue-green eyes. What an amazing girl. Lexi is really sexy, totally my type. Lexi is sexy for sure. I’ve never seen a more perfect body. I love Australian girls! This shoot has 259 pictures and a 41 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Ashley toying outdoors with her hairbrush. She is a busty young woman from California. Laney who did an explicit nude girl on girl with Ashley wrote, “Seriously… she is so amazing! She has so many sexy stories. We have been hanging out together every day in Amsterdam, now we are sharing a hotel room. Because she’s from California she keeps the heater on at 27C/80F, so it’s really to hot to wear clothes in there. We just hang out naked.” Ashley admitted that this was the first time she had masturbated with a hairbrush. She wrote that she once put a glow stick inside her when she was a kid. After this latest solo shoot she wrote that it was an amazing time outdoors – she even squirted on camera. This shoot has 143 images and a 41 minute video to download.Continue reading →

Anabela dildo play

Anabela dildo play. A truly lovely sexy shoot, a splendid debut by the gorgeous Anabela who has the most beautiful eyes and smile. She looks very comfortable as she undresses. She has a fabulous body which she has revealed to us in a wonderfully explicit way. The intimate close-ups of her lovely pink pussy are a joy as she strokes it with her fingers before inserting her sexy toy. Anabela you are beautiful. An awesome sexy video to go with the superb pictures. A most impressive debut by the very lovely 19 year old. This shoot has 209 pictures and a 19 minutes video for you to download. Continue reading →

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Candice spreading for intimate pussy close ups. I absolutely love Candice and it’s so nice nice to see her again! She is just so beautiful. A complete eye-full of feminine loveliness. Candice starts by posing in her daytime clothes. A loose fitting sweat shirt and blue denim shorts that makes her butt looks amazing. Candice pulls her sweat shirt over her head. She looks comfortable being topless. Her firm nipples on her small titties demand fondling. She does a flexible stretching routine. Her sexy string panties showing inside her shorts. She unbuttons the top of her shorts and pulls the zip down. Candice lays on her and her fingers play a little inside her shorts before standing up and letting them drop to the floor. A little more teasing as she poses in her sexy little panties. She unties the knot and pulls them away revealing her lovely shaved pussy. She lays back and opens her legs for intimate close ups with a bright teasing smile. This is the pussy that Anahi fingered, licked, and pussy on pussy rubbed in their explicit lesbian shoot. Lucky girl. If you are a fancier of a gorgeous female butt, you will love Candice’s … Continue reading →

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Margherita and Regina pussy licking girl on girl. Two lovely ladies get ready to pleasure each other and letting us watch. I absolutely love Regina! Her curly hair is so captivating, her body is amazing, and she is so fun and sweet. I loved watching her in her previous video trying to remember how many different countries she’s had sex in and the different countries all the girls she slept with were from. Margherita has a lovely enthusiastically naughty personality, a beautiful petite body with a gorgeous ass. Two pretty girls who look so cute together. I wouldn’t have guessed from a photo of them fully dressed and sweetly smiling how kinky they’d turn out to be when they have sex. There are some exciting closeups of Margherita’s oral attention to Regina’ pussy as her climax approaches, causing her to flush pink with pleasure. Margherita enjoys giving girls pleasure and she certainly looks quite dedicated to her craft as she lustily licks Regina’s moist clit. The girls finger bang and grind their pussies together. So sexy! They get into so many great positions in their unscripted love making. This shoot has 320 pictures and a 47 minutes video for you Continue reading →

Carolina plays with herself

Carolina plays with herself on the roof of a building. She is an awesome looking German girl. As she walks out to her rooftop terrace, the wind blows Carolina’s dress up showing her sexy lace panties. Beginning to unzip her dress, she pulls her breasts out of her white bra, and squeezes them together. Carolina slowly undresses showing her meaty lips and perfectly shaved vulva. Spreading her legs wide apart, she grabs her meaty lips and pulls them wide apart providing a perfect view of her clitoris and vagina. This shoot has 241 images and 39 minutes of video to download.Continue reading →

Busty Elza shows her big hooters

Busty Elza shows her big hooters and curvy body. There’s a playful feel in the atmosphere as Elza invites us into her bedroom. She is just lovely, with a sparkling, playful personality. Her eyes and smile are captivating. She quickly take off her cardigan and reaches for the zip on her tight denim shorts. She teases us a little as she pulls them down. A few sexy moves on the bed showing off her sexy body before she removes her t-shirt. Her sports bra is struggling to keep the “twins” captured inside. Ezra pulls her bra under her titties and support her voluptuous breasts. She rubs cream around her nipples. Elza slips off her bra and panties and poses stark naked. She has such a beautiful body with dreamy curves and she clearly loves sharing it with us. She fondles her large breasts before laying back on her bed with her legs wide open. She looks so happy to be showing off her perfect body, from her large, sexy breasts to her round butt to her marvelous pussy that she offers up for intimate close ups. This shoot has 173 pictures and 35 minutes of video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Nude Australian Josephine masturbating. She is indeed an absolute gem and I’m a sucker for her dark eyebrows. Josephine kicks off with some sexy up skirt shots in a really short dress. She has a teasing look on her face as she bends over and pulls her panties aside. Temptress Josephine lays back on her bed, pulls down the top of her dress and opens her legs wide. She is just lovely, with a sparkling, playful personality and her eyes and smile are captivating. All I can think of is climbing on top of her. Her two boobs begging for some tender loving care. She slips off her panties and lays with her legs wide open. We see a tuft of pubic hair as she makes sure it gets lots of pretty closeup attention. The fingers of her left hand gently rub her pussy. Two fingers penetrate her vagina and she closes her eyes. Masturbating to a wonderfully intense orgasm. The intimate closeups of her lovely pink pussy are a joy as she continues stroking it with her fingers. Another climax. This shoot has 194 pictures and a 33 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

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Gala and Nina explicit girl on girl. Two pretty girls who look so cute together. It’s impossible to have guessed when looking at them fully dressed with their innocent looks how kinky they would be when they have sex. However, the “before sex” video with Nina curled up with Gala that they both have very similar sexual tastes. They enjoy the pleasure of a variety array of explicit sexy activities not often seen. Licking pubic hair and armpits, spanking, nipple tweaking with a necklace, hands on throats. Oral sex while suspended in the air, and a first for Nina – anal licking. It’s very hot that they’re not as innocent as they look and love giving each other pleasure. This shoot has 409 pictures and 85 minutes of video for you to download. Continue reading →

Catalina reveals her hairy armpits and full bush

Catalina reveals her hairy armpits and full bush. Catalina is absolutely wonderful! She is so sweet and cute with a sparkling smile and confident  personality. She has a gorgeous body with large full breasts, and fluffy pubic hair. Curly-haired Catalina looks excited as she strips off her clothes with a big smile and a naughty glint in her eyes. First to go is her shirt. She shows off her full breasts and armpit hair. Now she is standing topless in her jeans, and turns around revealing a large tear exposing almost one entire butt cheek! Catalina sits on the couch in her almost transparent panties. Her hand moves down her body and slip inside her panties. She fingers her pussy through her furry, natural bush. Her three fingers push deep into her hairy pussy. She’s come prepared and shows off her two favorite sex toys. An evil looking glass dildo and a pink vibrator. The feeling of having not one, but two toys inside her vagina, at the same time, is priceless. The look on her face as she plays with her glass dildo is breathtaking. Her pretty face and large breasts get flushed as she savors the sensations and … Continue reading →

Ophelia and Zhen’s explicit girl on girl

Ophelia and Zhen’s explicit girl on girl. This was Ophelia’s first ever sex with a girl shoot. It all begins with Zhen agreeing to make a dress for Ophelia. She needs to take careful measurements of every part of her body. The measuring tape stretches across Ophelia’s breasts and around her hips. Their eyes meet and they both agree the readings will be much more accurate without clothes. (Yah!) Zhen soon forgets all about the project and excitedly tugs her friend’s panties to the side and goes down on her. Opening up her pussy lips with her fingers, she starts to lick Ophelia’s clit. “I love how you taste,” she says. Two fingers follow goes deep inside and Ophelia moans in exquisite pleasure. Zhen’s pretty face looks so lovely nestled in Ophelia’s pussy, her fingers and tongue hitting all the right spots to make Ophelia writhe in pure ecstasy. Ophelia sits Zhen on her knee and unbuttons the top of her tight blue shorts. She pushes her hand down into Zhen’s panties and her fingers goes to work rubbing her pussy. Zhen bends over a chair. She spreads her butt cheeks and lustily licks her pussy. Ophelia inserts to fingers … Continue reading →

Charlee toying with her hair brush

Charlee toying with her hair brush. She is an absolute Goddess to be worshiped everyday. Charlee does a few exercises in her sexy little outfit. She has flowing chestnut hair, brilliant smile, and gorgeous body. Her radiant smile never leaving her pretty face as she pulls down her shorts and reveals her sexy undies. She is ball achingly sexy. Gorgeous all over with fabulous large boobs and a beautiful shapely butt. Charlee take off her top and she stretches her curvy body on a fitness ball. She pulls down her bra and her big boobs bounce into view. Wow. What a handful. She loves to tease.  Still standing, she pulls down her panties exposing the natural bush between her legs. It’s not too thick and doesn’t cover her pussy lips. Charlee pulls her labia apart for Intimate close-ups of her lovely pink pussy. She strokes it with her fingers. Now she gets down to business and uses a sexy toy, a hairbrush and for the first time ever, stuffs her panties inside her wet vagina. All the teasing gets her ready for an explosive climax with her vibrator, and she cums. “That was incredible! Having an orgasm on camera felt … Continue reading →

Naked German amateur Flo pushes a dildo deep inside her vagina

Naked German amateur Flo pushes dildo deep inside her vagina. Sporty Flo is ready for her fitness workout in her sexy training gear that clings to every curve in her beautiful body. Her small tight shorts hugging her firm butt. Flo does a couple of exercises before pulling down her shorts revealing her see through panties and her natural bush held captive behind the transparent material. She’s a real looker. Imagine sex with this fit check. Flo slips off her tight sports bra to free her lovely breasts and perky pink nipples. Her hand moves down her body and inside her little panties. Leaning back, she pushes her finger deep inside her tight moist vagina. The intimate closeups as she touches herself are wonderful. Her two fingers bang her pussy until she finally brings out her favorite sex toy.. It’s fun to imagine what’s running through her mind as she cums using her fingers and her toys. A real natural beauty and a great first shoot! She looks so natural and relaxed. This shoot has 413 pictures and a 60 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Erina naked on the beach

Erina naked on the beach. Wow, She is gorgeous! Awesome body. Beautiful face and big breasts. Her playful personality. Erina looks incredibly hot in and out of her clothes. This woman is very much in-touch with her sexuality. And she seems so comfortable sharing herself. Erina ends up nude on the beach. Caressing her body as she spreads sun protection on her body. Her lovely slender body. Large breasts and a full bush. Erin is so incredibly pretty! This shoot has 241 pictures and a 40 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Nude ballerina Kayla

Nude ballerina Kayla prepares for her ballet routine. She begins to move gracefully throughout the room. Slowly undressing, she undoes her bra. Her pert breasts with puffy nipples pop out from captivity. Imagine that she is just doing this for you. Kayla smiles as she takes off her panties. Revealing her natural bush. Her body is extremely flexible. She puts her legs behind her head. Kayla lays on the floor in all fours. Her hand moves in between her legs pulling her labia apart. Rubbing her hand firmly against her clitoris. Another super-sexy ballerina on AW. Kayla is quite something. Fabulously fit body and a great personality. One of the most sexy things in the universe is a beautiful young woman pleasuring herself! I just love hearing Kayla talk about everything from her love of ballet to her great pride in her lovely body hair to her first sexual experiences. It’s adorable to hear that when she was young, that she pretended to be sick for a week so she could stay home from school and explore new ways to do it. This shoot has 314 pictures and a 45 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Naked German Amateur Irena

Naked German amateur Irena undressing and spreading in her very first nude shoot. She has such a beautiful body and she’s a little  nervous about sharing it with us. Irena quickly relaxes and playfully rolls around the floor, her sexy panties peeking out from under her colorful dress. Irena spreading her legs wide, the thin material of her panties covering the goodies between her legs. She has a teasing look in her beautiful eyes. Irena lifts her dress over her head and pulls her lovely dainty bra under her large breasts revealing her highly kissable titties in all their glory. Irena plays with her lovely pierced pink nipple.  She looks so natural and relaxed fondling her big boobs. Its her favorite part of her body. Irena pulls her panties aside for a teasing look at her shaved pussy. Now she sits on the couch to slip off her panties looking into the camera with her beautiful eyes. Irena lays back on the floor, this time stark naked. She opens her legs wide to show us her private parts. Irena on pubic hair – although hair looks nice, “I don’t really like it during some activities.”  Her video interview reveals her … Continue reading →

Freshly shaved Kristiana

Freshly shaved Kristiana strips naked at home. She has just got new braces, which make her warm smile even cuter. Kneeling on her bed, she first removes her top and pulls down her tight jean shorts. Kristiana stands up to show off her bright red bra and panties. She is so wonderfully pretty. Kristiana does a doggy pose and backs into the camera to show the bulge of her pussy in her panties. Confident and happy, her curvy figure looks so soft and inviting as she strips down and happily lies back with her legs open, revealing her smooth shaved pussy. Kristiana is an absolute peach! Cute as a kitten and ready to do some very naughty things. She is so wonderfully sexy, with a glowing smile and a gorgeous figure. The video from her bathtub masturbation shoot is magical! She just radiates warm, friendly charm and her sweet voice is so lovely to listen to as she introduces herself and tells some sexy stories. This shoot has 211 pictures and a 27 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →