Australian Poppy naked outdoors

Poppy is a stunner. She is seriously beautiful. Particularly her eyes. A man could get lost. Poppy has a great smile, a slim body and curly hair No tan line and a nice triangle of pubic hair. Poppy has the the most perfect bush. The girl is wonderful and she’s NOT shaved. Oh boy, she’s cute. It’s a little known aspect of traffic law in the US that drivers must not only yield to naked women on the road, but worship them as well. Unfortunately, there’s no video of Poppy. She wasn’t up for it.
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Australian girl Kim masturbating

Australian girl Kim masturbating. Skinny, but still sexy. Love her playful striptease. A real natural beauty. A great first shoot! Looks so natural and relaxed. Kim has a wonderful personality. She gets down to pleasuring herself after a playful strip. Kim’s face conveying the purpose at hand completely. She looks like she really wants to get-off. This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Australian amateur Caitlin

Australian amateur Caitlin is a petite delight. In this sexy photo shoot, this Aussie amateur can be seen rolling and stretching around on the floor in her tight denim hot pants before slowly stripping off her clothes. What an awesome body she has and looks she looks really good. I love all of her videos and pictures – check her out fooling around with Joannie outdoors. Liked her beaming smile in the stills (though none to find in the video….) Video does give a fairly comprehensive survey of CaitlinT’s tiny but terrific body. I enjoyed watching and listening to Caitlin talking in her video – another fine AW Aussie girl-next-door model. This shoot has 153 pictures and a 10 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Tatyana covers her body with paint

Tatyana covers her body with paint after stripping completely naked. She uses different body parts to paint on a canvas. First pressing her breasts and using her firm butt. Tatyana giggles and smile as she creates this sexy work of art. I love all her poses!! Awesome video! She is beautiful! This shoot has 222 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Monica Peeing Outdoors

Monica is so lovely. Her beautiful blond hair and bright smile glows in the Australian sunshine. On he video she tells very sexy stories about a threesome. Especially the part where the guy unloaded a massive amount of cum all over her face. Her boyfriend rubbing her pussy under her long school skirt in the middle of class. She slips her hairbrush inside her perfect pussy. Another blissful orgasm. Monica looks so intense when she cums. It’s so nice to meet a girl who clearly loves to masturbate. This shoot has 168 pictures and a 38 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Italian amateur Violeta

Italian amateur Violeta has to be one of the most stunning girls ever to grace! Dressed in a simple cream jumper and denim shorts. Her tanned caramel skin and cheeky grin are sure to make your day, nay your year! She casually slides out of her jumper and denim shorts, revealing perky, perfect breasts and her natural bush. To go with the pictures is an awesome video featuring this stunningly gorgeous first timer and a rusted flaked old abandoned dredger. She is a stunning Italian beauty and she’s right in the top 10 of my all time favorites. This shoot has 99 pictures and a 7 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Five naked Australian girls

Five naked Australian girls outdoors. These kind of group shoots have always been my favorite shoots on the Abby Winters web site. The location and the models in this one were just exceptional. Bravo! Groups of happy naked Australian girls simply enjoying themselves in the nude. Abby Winters Picnic Girls is fabulous! Check out their solo shoots – all the girls details are here. This shoot has 158 pictures and a 50 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Gretchen toying and peeing on the floor

Gretchen toying and peeing on the floor. Sweet, sexy and hot !!!! Gretchen is an amazing girl! This is Gretchen’s second awesome sexy solo shoot. She really has picked up where she left off. Gretchen is a sensuous and very provocative girl. In her first shoot she started to enjoy experimenting with insertions. Cumming with a smooth glass dildo. In this shoot, her experimentation seems to have moved on. The kitchen has plenty of toys to play with. Cute glasses and a sweet smile show her innocence. But her soft shyness eventually gives way to her powerful underlying kinky side! Her first solo was great but this one is awesome. This video and pictures are absolutely fabulous! This shoot has 294 pictures and a 34 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Anca shows off her hairy pussy

Anca shows off her hairy pussy. She is so cute! I love her playful smile and beautiful body. I’m head over heels in lust with Anca. Love the intimate closeups of her caresses her soft pubic hair and pretty labia. In a previous video she discusses her love of having sex with girls, Especially licking pussy. Anca told us the types of girls she’s attracted too. Shy, cute girls with long, dark hair who are easygoing and like to smile and laugh. This shoot has 217 pictures and a 54 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Busty Anneke and Chloe finger banging

Busty Anneke and Chloe finger banging each other on the bed. Anneke finds a big wet spot on Chloe’s panties. A good sign that her fingers are doing a good job. Electricity crackles between the girls from their first steamy kiss. Anneke slips her fingers into Chloe’s vagina. Sliding them in and out. Using her fingers and tongue on Chloe’s pussy. Chloe returns the pleasure. Going down on Anneke with passion. These two friends know how to hit the right spots. Two Australian girls indulge in beautiful, passionate sex with each other. This shoot has 178 pictures and a 55 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Lalia and Maddie girl on girl

Laila and Maddie girl on girl. Watching Maddie eating pussy always is a treat. “Lalia pussy tastes like an absolute dream,” Maddie wrote in the AW forum. Both girls enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. Watching them in action is amazing. Finger banging and pussy licking. I loved hearing Maddie moans as she feels Lalia fisting her from behind. Pushing her whole hand inside Maddie’s wet pussy. This shoot has 258 pictures and a 71 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Window Washing Girls

Window Washing Girls – Wow!!! I like the Abby Winters window cleaning service a lot. Where do I sign up to get my windows cleaned? A great fun video, a delight to watch from start to finish. Lots of splashing, squeals and giggling. It’s a day of domestic bliss for these five Aussie babes in a window washing-bubble fight that soon turns kinky! With giant floor to ceiling windows and an urge to get that sucker clean, Christen, Harper, Courtney, Leisl, and Joannie get to work on the grime before getting to work on each other’s clothes! This shoot has 242 pictures and a 41 minute video for you to download.Continue reading →

Chloe and Misha pussy eating

The Passion ( with a capital “P”) and the kissing couldn’t have been better. Thank’s to Misha for making it all happen and as Chloe confirms it ” it was very, very, very good.” This was beautiful girl on girl passion at its brightest and best. Hot and glowing, yet with a delicious freshness. So this really happened. It’s not staged. Chloe was leaving to catch her plane. Maisie tells us, “They shot the video first. Misha had not a clue what was coming!” This shoot has 434 pictures and a 46 minutes video for you to download.Continue reading →

Camilla is a total knockout

This shoot was excellent! Camilla proves once again to just be a total knockout with raven hair and bright blue eyes. Those red and white stockings make for a wonderful accessory. It’s great to hear (on her video) about her extensive travels in South America and see her exercising, both clothed and nude. (The naked jump-roping is especially lovely!). Her smile lights up the room and her body is perfect from her pretty pert breasts to her soft pubic hair and cute bum. I love her description of what she does to seduce a man: “Just laughing and being my silly self: that always works, without even trying!” she says with a laugh that proves her point. She mentions that it doesn’t work as well with women, but Juliana looks quite enchanted by Camilla in the the preview of their guest direction shoot. Check out the fun they had together! This shoot has 308 pictures and a 34 minutes video for you to download.
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German amateur Zena using her dildo

Zena is amazing, she looks as though she could be an athlete. Zena is so gorgeous, with beautiful eyes and a great smile, a slim body with every curves in the right place. This naked German girl does have a bit of class drinking Tia Maria out of the bottle. This shoot has 398 pictures and there is a 23 minutes video to download.Continue reading →